Schoolgirl Outdoor Exposure

Published February 17, 2021

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Japanese schoolgirl meets a JAV actor for risky outdoor play that segues to a love hotel for its very natural conclusion.

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Schoolgirl Outdoor Exposure
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Some of you emailed us shortly after we released that fantastic uncensored bus tour update asking if the host ever did any JAV herself (as in being a performer rather than a clothed onlooker) and while we answered in the affirmative, sadly at the time we had no footage yet on our site to show.  Thankfully, that ends today.  Right now, actually.  The red jacket donning host of that bus tour now wears a different type of uniform.  A uniform all about youth and innocence, but fortunately in a movie about shattering it with lots and lots of unprotected pixel-free sex!

Her name is CHISA MIYAMAE and I honestly can't say for sure if SCHOOLGIRL OUTDOOR EXPOSURE will be our final movie starring her.  She, like many other uncensored performers, only appeared in a small number of movies before calling it a day.  This is a trend as those who appear in these types of productions usually like to fly somewhat under the radar while making nice money.  Fame is not necessarily what they're after.

SCHOOLGIRL OUTDOOR EXPOSURE, as the name implies, sees DREAMROOM's amateur production unit try some filming in public.  Sadly, that portion only lasts around 15 minutes with the rest being in their normal filming location:  the closest (and probably cheapest) love hotel they can find.  Surprisingly that outdoor footage looks and sounds great.  Really, as someone who spends a lot of time subtitling, I dread JAV movies filmed that way yet in spite of having no boom mic, we get some amazingly clear audio.  Other studios really should take note.  This is how you do it!

Of course anyone reading these reviews--four paragraphs in now--probably want to know more about the sex itself and the short answer:  it's fantastic.  Only two small issues prevent me from truly loving this release:  CHISA never fully takes off her uniform (I'm a fan of everyone getting stark naked hence naming the site ZENRA which means "stark naked" in Japanese) and unlike most other uncensored movies, this one ends in a low output facial rather than a real creampie.  Some actresses are OK with going all the way without a rubber, but the final frontier of not pulling out and thus needing to take medication after is a bit too much.  There's also a chance the amount she was offered for a creampie was just too little.

CHISA MIYAMAE may not be for everyone.  Looks-wise, she may be an acquired taste.  I for one really like her.  I'd prefer her out of a uniform and just in her birthday suit, but it's OK if other risque clothing options are more up your alley.  She's energetic, vivacious, and bubbly all in equal parts.  Far from passive, we see her almost take the reigns from the actor in this well put together release.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 494

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Well done uncensored release.
+Outdoor footage including a blowjob (almost got caught!).
+Great camera-work in a type of JAV movie known for something else.


-A few unnecessary close-ups.
-Outdoor footage was somewhat short.
-Kept the uniform on (in a very disheveled state, mind you) during sex.
-Facial finish instead of traditional creampie.

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