Hotel Massages Gone Wrong 4 First Half

Published January 18, 2021

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This could happen, but the risks are sky high. How far can one go with a mature Japanese hotel masseuse? All the way and then some?

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Hotel Massages Gone Wrong 4 First Half
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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You'd think most fans of JAV (in the west at least) would prefer young, beautiful women simply having well-shot sex.  To our surprise, the answer is far from that.  Sure, bizarre is and has always been incredibly popular, but one thing we note our subscribers love in particular is cheating older women doing it in semi-believable scenarios.  While shot in less than stellar conditions, that wonderful wife swapping update from earlier this year still remains a fan favorite and picking up where that left off, we return today with more older Japanese women doing the unthinkable.

Welcome once again to another edition of HOT ENTERTAINMENT's phenomenally popular "hey, it could happen!" HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG series.  One of their longest running properties is finally back and as we've noted before, we'll probably keep showing them for as long as they keep filming them so hopefully that means forever.  And as we've also noted before, since you all prefer the abridged versions that remove some of the dialog in lieu of more scenes and more sex, we're going to be sticking with the compilation editions like this one, the fourth of its kind.  Do note the cover mentions a total of 16 scenes, but we're only showing 14 as two we've already shown in a previous BULLITT update.  No need for us to subtitle something we've done already!

The average age of all massage therapists appearing this time is not explicitly given, but I'm guessing late 40's.  None were in their 60's as we may have seen in a previous update, but there are no spring chickens either.  This is no attack on HOT and their casting ability.  What HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG is about more than anything else is realism and I'm happy they are sticking to their guns on that.  A few scenes don't even end in sex; rather, handjobs with the hint of more.  Some reviewers in Japan did not like this, but if we had every encounter not only ending in sex, but (presumably fake) creampies, realism would surely suffer.  I'd of actually preferred to have one scene where not even a handjob occurs, but we just get the actor rubbing one out while the therapist tries to do her job (something like this happens for a few moments in the fourth scene of the second half if you're into that).

Filmed mainly with still cameras at a distance, we get a strong hidden camera vibe.  Thankfully, the quality is nonpareil making less 'amateur businessman self filming his antics' and more 'JAV company owning a very suspect hotel'.  I had no issues with any of the women in any of the scenes.  One of the actors who appeared more than I would like is something of a mumbler, but when it comes to these kinds of gigs, JAV studios sometimes just have to take who's available.  The sex is fantastic and the road to get there in all 14 encounters is well worth the journey.  You really can't go wrong with cheating done in such a brazen way.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 536

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Realistic scenario, realistic footage, realistic women.
+Decent variety in scene flow.
+While older, all women are attractive.


-One actor needs speech lessons or should just try not to talk as much.
-Not all scenes end in penetrative sex (can be a plus depending on your kink).
-Surprising lack of blowjobs.  Only happens in a couple of scenes.

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