My Friend, the Pervert

Published October 14, 2020

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Real life friends and one lucky cameraman/director go at it totally raw and completely without mosaic.

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My Friend, the Pervert
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

You can almost consider MY FRIEND THE PERVERT to be a prequel to the insanity we saw in OUR YEAR END HIGH TENSION BUS TOUR PARTY.  Half the actresses (who get naked at least) are present.  In fact, for one of them, this is our third rodeo...and possibly the last.

What today's update reminds me of more than anything is our very first release by DREAMROOM.  Both feature the same hyper-charismatic actor/director whom I again and again lament how he regulated himself to only appearing in amateur works.  Both star two realistic Japanese women rather than full-fledged JAV stars.  And most importantly, both are as real as it gets:  raw sex aplenty and filmed surprisingly well.

It really takes talent to not only handle the filming and lighting, but to also be the actor and keep the movie moving at a natural pace while trying to please two women at the same time.  What we see in MY FRIEND THE PERVERT requires lots of skill and also assistance from the female talent as well.  Without naming names, we've seen other FFM movies with quieter women who act more like dead fish from the moment clothes are dropped.  That's just not as fun.  Here, we get a fun-filled borderline bacchanalian atmosphere from start to finish.  This isn't just sex, it's a sex party!

AIKA and ATSUKO claim to be real life friends.  They claim to have went to the same high school together.  Who knows if this is true.  It certainly makes the fantasy more titillating.  We get some fantastic 'having sex while my friend watches' vibes throughout its impressive (for a purely amateur movie at least) 74 minute run-time.  Overall, that may shorter than a 'proper' JAV, but the flow is superb.  There is no boring moment.  One type of play naturally segues into another until we're buried to the hilt bareback in amateur Japanese women.  No creampies, OK, but we get some impressive finishes nonetheless:  the first in the mouth and the second on a very well-formed pair of breasts.

Seeing these two with their friends in the aforementioned BUS TOUR movie may be peak uncensored JAV, but even this more intimate FFM outing is well worth a watch.  It's authentic, fun, and shot incredibly well.  I'm impressed Mr. Charisma was able to pull this off and do so with so little shaky movements (this was shot almost entirely with him holding the camera!).  We get something good here.  Very good and with two potential real life friends to boot!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 683

4 Files 2.67GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-One of the best uncensored FFM JAV movies you'll ever see.
-Real raw sex.
-Very fun party atmosphere from start to finish.


-Lack of creampies which normally are a given in these types of movies.

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