Yui Ayana - A True Story About Incredibly Risky Sex

Published September 16, 2020

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Uncaring husband. Check! Wife with untapped desired. Double check! Perverted gardener? That and more.

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Yui Ayana - A True Story About Incredibly Risky Sex
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

A TRUE STORY ABOUT INCREDIBLY RISKY SEX is a wonderfully packaged, wonderfully edited, and wonderfully shot uncensored JAV by the elephant in the mosaic-free world, DREAMROOM.  YUI AYANA, whom we last had in a delightful uncensored orgy movie from a few years ago returns with longer hair and passions turned up to a cool 11.  She goes in strong, remains fierce, and delivers a knockout performance.

Sadly, the back-story to A TRUE STORY is not provided.  The title makes it sound like we may get some drama to kick things off; you know, dialog, a buildup of some sort...something!  Rather than all that talking, we get a compact, but well executed 51 minute movie that surprisingly ticks off most boxes of what I want to see in a good JAV:  beautiful actress, MILF (yes, I prefer 'em older now and it's fine if you don't), raw sex, RISKY sex, and of course WELL SHOT sex.  A creampie is absent which is fine by me as we get two instances of very big facial finishes--the first being so grand in volume it almost looked like YUI just finished shooting a bukkake title.  The actor playing her husband must have been storing a lot up for that moment and I salute him for his fortitude.

The highlight of A TRUE STORY is of course that brief interlude we see YUI AYANA and the gardener having sex in the enclosed garden in front of the living room while her husband reads the newspaper and drinks tea.  I'm pretty impressed how well they pulled this off.  From a production standpoint they really nailed it and we even get some footage from up and afar.  I'm not sure where the actual rented studio space ended and reality began.  Could this have been real guerrilla filming?  An unanswered question that really helps push A TRUE STORY ABOUT INCREDIBLY RISKY SEX into "great JAV" territory.

YUI AYANA, like TSUBAKI KATOU can sometimes go extremely over the top when it comes to displaying passion.  Some may prefer more subdued older Japanese actresses, but I wouldn't discount YUI for caterwauling pleasure when she's reaching extremis.  Some women--especially wives of husbands who just don't care about giving rather than just receiving--need to fully express themselves from time to time.  She really nails that here.  A Japanese wife doing the unthinkable with a domestic helper in the most daring of ways with a serious risk of being caught.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 291

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Great actress with a great body.
-Higher than normal production values.
-First facial was surprisingly big.


-Overacting may turn some off.  
-Lack of much dialog for a title that hints at drama.

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