Makoto Yuuki in Instantaneous Amalgamation

Published January 18, 2017

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Leggy with short hair framing a face fit for magazine covers is only the tip of the anything but frigid iceberg of sexuality that is Makoto Yuuki by POMPIE.

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Makoto Yuuki in Instantaneous Amalgamation
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MAKOTO YUUKI is a babe.  There, we said it straight and simple for those who rather not read a prolix ode to her preternaturally good looks.  She's marginally above average height-wise, but has the type of proportions model wannabes clamor for:  leggy with thin and long appendages and a head that's big, but in that way celebrities are known to have.  She even rocks the short hair look better than any other Japanese AV star we can think of without consulting our cheat sheets.  Going short is daring and for MAKOTO it has paid off in strides.  Less hair equates to showing more potential flaws, but that at least is something she needs to worry little about.

The career trajectory she followed was pretty normal:  short with only a couple of years and not too many titles to her name, but after her first retirement (which this title was shot at the tail end of), she took a breather for a few years before returning again for a few extra titles.  Actresses in the world of AV sometimes do 'retire' only to return again in a few years wanting mo' money.  Oftentimes they come back with alternate stage names possibly to avoid 'embarrassment', but then some just throw caring to the wind and keep on trucking as is without changing a thing (think George Costanza quitting and then returning the next day as if nothing happened.).

Our first brush with MAKOTO is with this uncensored release by POMPIE which in spite being called the funky INSTANTANEOUS AMALGAMATION, is actually the direct translation of the original Japanese title.  We may have picked the wording from a list of approved synonyms, but this really is what the name of this update is in reference to:  quick and to the point sexual gratification.

So yes, it's one of 'those' titles.  You know the type:  infrequent dialog mainly about the act itself, lots of 'juicy' close-ups, more dicks than one would prefer to see in an AV title (outside of bukkake and gokkun of course), female orgasms of questionable authenticity, and actors who for some reason can barely be heard when they do elect to say something.

And yes, we're being a tad bit sardonic bordering on negative so our apologies.  Working on this title was a piece of cake given the succinct subject matter and it was shot rather nicely though we really would have liked to get to know MAKOTO YUUKI as more of a living and breathing (and super duper attractive) sexual object.  We don't meant to venture into white knight territory, but sometimes hardcore for the sake of *everything* else hurts the soul.

And no, we aren't full-on implying INSTANTANEOUS AMALGAMATION is a bad release.  For what it is, it's one of the better ones:  hardcore and uncensored with great lighting and a beautiful actress.  It even features JO OSHIMA, one of our favorite actors whose been having sex with AV stars for over 20 years now.  We love scenes he's in because he knows how to show sex with finesse and also knows when it's best to talk (before and after, but not during the act!).

What we prefer less of is the extreme focus on toys which makes up a small portion of this release.  Skin-on-skin lovemaking is what we enjoy the most and while the buzzing susurration of too many vibrators to count does make for more orgasms, they're of a production line variety.

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