Subtitled CFNM Penis Bulge Study

Published March 11, 2008

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Japanese amateur women with a bizarre gamut of sexual fetishes and frustrations gather for a bizarre CFNM penis appreciation meeting with subtitles.

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Amateur Semen Shooter Watchers 2 
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The origins of the CFNM (clothed female naked male) genre are highly debated. Some say that its beginnings can be traced to for-ladies strip clubs and bachelorette parties for women on the way to being betrothed; one last time to let it all unwind and go crazy with all her best girlfriends while watching scantily clad (or totally naked) well-built male strippers strut their stuff and then some. In Japan however, both bachelor and bachelorette parties unfortunately do not exist. Hell, even strip clubs as they function in the west are a rarity outside major cities (and those usually only attract western customers or Japanese businessmen with a western leaning mindset).

With the Japanese, CFNM is usually associated with exploration. More specifically, exploration of a naked male body through the POV (point of view) of a shy Japanese girl and her girlfriends as well if she is too timid to go through it alone. Outside of work, most Japanese girls don't have much experience with the opposite sex. In fact, most dating occurs almost exclusively via the company stock or through introductions from friends. Thus, their real world hands on experience is direly lacking.

An answer to that is the roaming CFNM studio van that can be found criss-crossing the major metropolitan districts of the main Japanese islands. Innocent and naïve Japanese girls who have never been in an adult production—true amateurs--are taken right off the streets, plopped into this van, and are about to receive a very real crash course in the art of pleasuring a naked male.

Some girls go in solo while others go with friends but their reactions and the outcum at the end is always the same: we first see these shy girls take a seat and through an announcer who is not filmed, we and her are given a description of what will about to occur. Specifically, a naked male volunteer will join her in the room and she is strongly encouraged to examine him to her heart's content. If she doesn't start her physical examination soon enough however, our model will begin for her (!).

As we can see, most of these cute and very innocent Japanese girls lock up when viewing their first anonymous cock and many of these horny volunteers at first result to pumping themselves inches away from the shocked amateur's face until she hesitantly starts to lightly pat the tip of his pulsing hardon. From there, a weight is slowly taken off her shoulders and she (or them if they are in a group) gradually explore more and more of this lucky nudist volunteer's exposed anatomy by at first lightly stroking his manhood followed by a guided tour of his tightening sack and a few even go further and massage his taint. After giving the model a handjob for a bit, he hands the Japanese amateur a thin, clear glass panel and encourages her to hold it upright in front of his about-to-burst cock while pumping even faster. Soon enough, the inevitable happens and he ejaculates multiple squirts of his hot, sticky semen onto the panel and the girl's reaction is uniquely Japanese.

If CFNM ever needed to be added to a dictionary (and I'm sure it has by now!), then this would be textbook CFNM: A shy, clothed Japanese girl face to face with a naked male and his hard cock.

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Mokkori CFNM Penis Study
with English Subtitles

Japanese girls when alone have a tendency to be on the shy side. It's a cultural issue really and when put side by side with a girl from a western country, the contrast is brutally evident. However, even the most timid Japanese girl will open up when she is put in a group as the group mentality is something that is as cultural to the Japanese as personal independence is to someone from the states for example.

Now imagine when you gather a group of previously timid and shy cute Japanese girls who—except for one—are totally virgins and also place in the same room a totally naked male volunteer with a raging hardon, what might happen? Well, CFNM or clothed female naked male taken to the Japanese zenith for one.

In the first scene of this neat take on clothed Japanese girls letting their imaginations run wild with the naked exposed cocks of anonymous horny males, we see the 'leader' take a white and blue powerful vibrator and run it all over this happy volunteer's totally exposed body stopping at his more sensitive areas such as armpits, taint, balls, and of course his throbbing shaft. While this vibrator bullying is going on, we see the group of the previously quiet virgin Japanese girls watch on in a state of awe and glee. Perhaps they will get their chance to 'play' and 'examine' a nudist male specimen in a later scene...

Fortunately, they do get their time to shine as we soon see and boy do they go at at! We see these girls who before led pent up lives working in the background as office ladies or quiet civil servants behind a bland nondescript counter now karate kick these anxious and masochistic volunteers right where the sun doesn't shine and surprisingly they beg for more. After a few more kicks and judo chops, enough is enough and the weak yet still hard CFNM males lie down on the floor so these quiet and nice Japanese girls can finish him off via a soothing handjob he'll never forget—especially when he wakes up the next morning with the a hangover centered entirely around his groin.

To show how far these by-now naughty Japanese girls have progressed in the arts of seduction and the erotic, we are graced with a unique scene that actually is not CFNM. In fact, there is no nudity. Rather, we see a underwear clad anonymous male model who has his package breathed on, licked (through his underwear), and caressed without a single pump or stroke. Amazingly, the combination of all these girls feeling him from the outside along with their cute doe eyes maintaining eye contact led to such an intense buildup of sexual stimulation that he literally creamed his pants!

Various models are put through the gamut with these vixens in training and by the end, virgins as they are, we see them gathered around their leader and eagerly playing with a supine nudist male's hard cock and nutsack while he moans in the utmost of his extremis. Rather than seeing shy girls in the background, these young Japanese cuties have transformed into something quite phenomenal.

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