Extreme Embarrassment of Cross Dressing Men

Published January 17, 2015

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The most twisted Japanese adult video to appear on Zenra features the nonstop teasing of cross dressing men in public by vicious women with English subtitles.

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Extreme Embarrassment of Cross-Dressing Japanese Men
With English Subtitles

The Extreme Embarrassment of Cross-Dressing Masochistic Men is by far the most twisted title EVER to be released in Zenra's 13 years-and-counting history. This has to be said here and now and unfortunately with some foul language: this is one fucked up production. This is no joke. It is not a statement made lightly. This is not a marketing pitch to artificially amp up a title into the limelight. This title is messed up beyond belief. It is controversial. It needs to be seen provided you have a strong stomach.

The Japan of today nearing the 30th year of the current Emperor Heisei still shows many remnants of its Shouwa past (the 60+ year era that ended in the early 90's). Men still hold power in the office and at home--at least men of an older stock. Younger men who try to be as commandeering within the demesne of home find themselves at odds with their wives. Divorce nowadays is all too common with woman viciously wanting their independence from a country in many ways still stuck in the 1950's.

Today's production is a unique one. It stars empowered women like the ones mentioned above engaging in cold-hearted war on weak, older men who are as masochistic as they come. Split into 3 scenes with one gentleman appearing in two, this title although categorized on Zenra as Public Nudity is more about Public Shaming. As written above and will be reiterated here (and again further below), this is truly a psychologically perverse production. In fact, it's hard to even call it a proper AV movie.

Why? Because sex does not happen. Even handjobs do not happen. The majority of the production is not very sexual. Ejaculation via masturbation occurs in two of the three scenes, but is only clearly visible in one and is more of something tacked on at the end to satisfy the truly perverted (as there cannot be many people reading this who want to see older Japanese men in drag pleasure themselves). The other scene features one of the masochistic gentlemen ever covertly finishing into his panties leading to a tragic and heartfelt apology.

Although we need to talk about the men, we'll first take a short detour to cover the female cast in this title who all perfectly fit the role of cruel femdom leaders. If you have seen various Japanese productions with femdom themes, you can already tell how these women will act. The first 2 scenes feature the same women who both are quite attractive yet possess mean streaks intermixed with some humor. The latter two women in the third scene take teasing to a new level. They are absolutely vicious and do not let up with verbal insults one bit. All women remain clothed and since this was filmed in the winter, those looking for a peek at scantily clad Japanese women will be disappointed. This production is all about shaming men, not the other way around.

Although 3 scenes make up this title, only two men are featured. One appears in the somewhat shorter first and third scenes while the other makes himself known well in the expansive second scene. The latter in his long featurette is quite fun and has a few laugh-out-loud moments. He acts as if he is in the dark about the whole ordeal..and what an ordeal he goes through!

Each scene starts in a cozy apartment with a few bags of female clothing thrown apart. Without much fanfare, the dominant women in charge bark at their male submissive to strip and put on clothing of their choice. Once dressed--sloppily--they grab the nearest makeup kit and go to down on his face. Our bumbling friend from the second scene is rather cheerful when this is happens, but blanches when his request for more intimate times is harshly declined.

'Now hurry and pull out a futon', he playfully orders.

Their reply? 'Women always have to look their best in public.'

His public shaming nightmare began here with them shuttling him in drag and poorly applied makeup into a car for a back-alley adventure he'll never forget. Outside, he's instructed to run errands for them ranging from going into a pharmacy to purchase tampons and also to a convenience store to pickup some snack food.

Recall that this is a Japanese adult film so 'erotic' play is featured somewhat in the form of a remote control vibrator nestled rather uncomfortably in the tiny panties he has on. Frequently at the most inopportune times (such as paying for goods at the cash register), these teasing women will flick it on and watch him squirm. His scene ends with a pitiful bout of self pleasure as his female leaders watch on in disgust. Once done, they order him to lick up his mess off a rather dirty tiled floor.

The gentleman who is featured in the first and third scenes is essentially reason why this production veers so far into twisted territory. Although the second scene does feature many instances of verbal teasing, it's still relatively light-hearted. It's more about causing a somewhat jovial and heavyset gentleman in drag and bad makeup extreme embarrassment in public.

The two scenes with the other character in this sinister title are wickedly cruel. Rather than being chirpy and comically surprised about going out as an impromptu cross-dresser, he comes off more as a person who never grew out of frequenting Akihabara. In fact, he's teased about his 'lame' anime shirt early on before he even begins changing. He's soft-spoken and frequently shifts to a high-pitched naive schoolgirl voice which sounds anything but natural since he's already in his fifties.

Makeup on men to cause extreme shame is a key feature throughout this dark comedy-like Japanese AV production. The first and third scenes go overboard to such audacious levels that this poor gentleman looks more like a perpetually sad clown in very odd female clothing than anything else. He also is frequently teased with a well-placed remote control vibrator.

Definitely take note that although what happened to him through his embarrassing public outing such as being instructed to eat food thrown onto the street, he did so voluntary. The production closes with him teary-eyed and telling his dominant female partners how today was the happiest day of his life. He was earnest which was disturbing. They made their exits by spitting on his shivering form.

As noted way above, The Extreme Embarrassment of Cross-Dressing Masochistic Men is a lugubriously dark and twisted Japanese adult video production. This is not the kind of title one watches for physical self-pleasure. If that wasn't clear enough, you can keep 'it' zipped. You probably won't be getting much use out of it when watching this.

Along with being the most controversial title ever added to Zenra, it also features more English subtitles than any other production ('more subtitles...' = number of subtitled lines of dialog per minute on average, NOT total subtitles in a title). This production has some powerful visuals that are beyond sinister with its public shaming of demure men in drag, but the bread and butter is the nearly non-stop dialog full of taunts and teasing of the highest order. You absolutely either need to be fluent in Japanese or a Zenra subscriber to appreciate just how psychologically disturbing this production is. Even though visual sexual acts are essentially non-existent, do not skip out on watching this title. Do not miss this one.

Oh, and there's a sequel on the way

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