College Student Tutor with Mikan Kururugi

Published February 10, 2016

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Mikan Kururugi tries to be the best darndest tutor for college students EVER but ends up having sex instead because why not?

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College Student Tutor with Mikan Kururugi
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Read a translated interview with MIKAN KURURUGI here!

Let's start with an apology for those not familiar with Japanese names along with those who are rather poor with proper noun tongue twisters:  MIKAN KURURUGI has a seriously challenging name to pronounce.  Even your average Japanese person's tongue may trip a few times when attempting to recite it.  Heck, it can be used as a dare:  say "KURURUGI" three times in a dark bathroom while facing the mirror which may summon her and her extra long tongue for some eldritch fellatio!

Joking aside, MIKAN KURURUGI has been an AV star for a couple years now and she already has released an uncensored title in spite of constantly filming censored releases as well for domestic production companies.  It's definitely an interesting trend as what's most common nowadays is for Japanese AV stars to film uncensored titles at the tail ends of their careers.  Until then, they keep their most personal body parts behind the comfortable shroud that is post-processing mosaic.

MIKAN apparently decided to go against the flow and we salute her for that.  It's commendable and for this release, COLLEGE STUDENT TUTOR, she left no stone unturned.  Everything about au naturel MIKAN KURURUGI is up for grabs and the HD camera lovingly takes it all in while slowly, but surely panning over entire body including a rarity for Japanese woman (even adult film stars):  a lower back tattoo--aka, a "tramp stamp".

COLLEGE STUDENT TUTOR, as the name implies, carried an educational theme--or at least tried to for the first half of this 120 minute update.  Both scenes in our update today's first half follow the theme of a licentious at-home tutor 'educating' two sets of two students who are all played by men way too old to truly be considered pupils (except for one of the men in the second scene whom we almost mistook for JUN ODAGIRI).

This definitely was not a 'deep' title.  However, given the dialog-focused releases of very recent history (and recent future too) we felt that ZENRA subscribers may opt for a break by the means of a visually intensive HD update that contained no mosaic to boot and that's exactly what COLLEGE STUDENT TUTOR WITH MIKAN KURURUGI is about.

Truthfully speaking, we didn't even know about the existence of this bubbly AV star until our eyes first landed on its cover.  She really is cute.  Not only that, her charisma is top-notch, her body is petite, but incredibly well-formed, and most important given her vocation, comes off as an immense fan of all things sexual.

MIKAN KURURUGI is also blessed with a preternaturally long tongue.  She still has not starred in any blowjob-themed releases, but COLLEGE STUDENT TUTOR does feature multiple instances of her providing fellatio at aptitude levels way above the norm--even for an AV star.  What's more, the lack of mosaic really comes in handy here where close-ups of her tongue doing things all-out prurient on the shafts of the fortunate male talent are a work of art.  It was visual perfection and blowjob-enthusiasts (whom we have many of!) will be elated.

The second half of this release was a bit more by-the-books uncensored Japanese AV in that the scenes lacked the at-times heavy dialog of the actual tutor scenarios and replaced them with lots and lots of sex.  Don't go into this production expecting a continuous theme which is more common with domestic (IE. censored) 'document AV's'.  We actually prefer that more from a subtitling standpoint, but also know that sometimes people just want to watch a beautiful woman have sex and we're OK with providing that occasionally.

Tattoos may not be for everyone and some of us prefer 'deeper' titles, but MIKAN KURURUGI not only is a natural beauty, her joy of the erotic is as unabashed as they come.  We find no fault with her performance and wish her the best!  From here on out we'll be on constant surveillance for future releases starring this charitable AV star with the tongue of a mischievous angel playing hooky from her celestial duties.

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