No Sex Ban Lifted After Two Years

Published January 4, 2017

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Mizuki is a pure gyaru in all ways but the tan but that makes little difference in this POV-themed uncensored amateur nanpa title by DREAMROOM.

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No Sex Ban Lifted After Two Years
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Being the KY one in a Japanese conversation sucks.  In fact, being KY in any conversation is never a fun thing.  'KY' itself stands for 'kuuki (ga) yomenai' that translates to English as someone who is 'unable to read the air' and we kind of felt like this during the first portion of our outdoor meeting with MIZUKI, the untanned gyaru of today's update.

Why did we feel this way?  Well, apparently this isn't her first rodeo with DREAMROOM.  She's done something else with them, but going by the interview between her and Mr. Cool, an actor with topnotch facial shaving skills whom we've seen in many of their productions, her previous appearance was sex-less and rather tame.  This time after a 2 year hiatus, she returns hungrier for more money and very willing to spread her legs without any modesty nor mosaic.

It's a win-win and we can't complain about that!

We've been in some pretty dire KY situations as subtitlers.  Titles with horrific editing and bad sound quality come to mind.  We've seen things.  Fortunately this time around there was no audio issues preventing a good translation, but we'd so would of loved more info on the previous title MIZUKI was in.  It was cosplay-themed and might not even concluded with a blowjob so it doesn't sound like we're missing much though.

MIZUKI is really cute.  We really like her.  If you were super into gyaru like some of us were once upon a time, she'd be THAT girl you'd attempt to practice your nanpa on in a psytrance-centric club like Joule in Osaka.  She'd be there with some friends holding a plastic cup filled with [redacted].  You'd approach her and say something--anything--and she may grin while turning away.  She might drink some more [redacted] or possibly pull out her flip phone or any combination of things to ignore you.

Offer her a big wad of cash though to star in an AV title and maybe...just maybe things will work out in your favor.  At least, that's what we think may have happened to some extent with her appearance today.

NO SEX BAN LIFTED AFTER TWO YEARS is classified on ZENRA as an Amateur Nanpa title and yea, given the fact that MIZUKI already is going in for the sex, it may not be a classical pickup title.  However, with only two short releases under her belt, she ain't no AV star so it's safe to consider her an amateur.  And really, outside of this title we haven't seen her anywhere else which is actually a major shame given how cute she is.

Going into a gyaru title we thought MIZUKI would be a lot more talkative, but surprisingly she buttoned up during the act itself.  Being hyperactive in clubs doesn't seem to directly translate to the bedroom where even the most visibly outgoing Japanese girl may be as submissive as they come.  One aspect though where she did take the lead was a fantastic blowjob segment filmed in POV that featured her using her tongue and both hands in true legerdemain fashion amateurs almost always lack.  Even our AV actor Mr. Cool was surprised at her fellatio technique.

We know MIZUKI's gyaru mien may be off-putting for fans of the traditional Japanese woman:  long black hair and a bit more demurely dressed.  However, she may have looked the part, but she came off as normal as you can imagine.  Outgoing gyaru like that crazy gregarious one in a previous TANBIKAI update and MIZUKI probably would not be friends in real life.  The former prefers condom-less hotel sex and the latter prefers well...nose hooks (and there's nothing wrong about that!).

NO SEX BAN concluded with a short snippet of MIZUKI showering off after their lovemaking.  It was brief, but we love these extra peeks at reality.  Also the actor is really well-honed at holding the camera while 'performing' which becomes a big issue when viewing these hamedori films especially when they're blown up to Full HD proportions.  Amateur titles like this one may lack full-fledged story-lines, but they're still fun to work on and double that when watching.  We want to have something for everyone at ZENRA and we know many a subscriber will enjoy this update.

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