Japanese Newhalf Teacher Subtitled

Sexually Ambiguous Ruka Amane In An All Male Academy

Newhalf Teacher with Ruka Amane
with English Subtitles

Although schools segregated by gender are fast disappearing in Japan and elsewhere, there still are some holding strong. In fact, just a few years ago, amongst a trio of colleges looking for accreditation approval was a women-only university. All three were declined because Japan's higher education network is already too crowded and three more campuses--one restricted to only one gender--were not needed. Either way, from an employment standpoint, the more the merrier and as we see in today's production, teachers without campuses that they can call their own will go to great length and sacrifice for payday Friday's (in actuality, most companies in Japan only have one payday a month usually around the 25th regardless of weekday).

Ruka Amane, now a proper teacher still hoping to find steady employment seeks a temporary position at a male-only academy. Taller than average, lithe with preternaturally large breasts and quite the demure visage depending on the angle, is a knockout. It also comes as quite a surprise when the ex-rocker of a principal with flowing, wavy gray hair down to his shoulders looks up after reading her resume with a mild case of bewilderment. 'Amane-kun?' 'Yes, it has been awhile,' mirthfully replies Ruka Amane.

For those confused about the previous exchange, take note that the -kun suffix generally denotes males. It's used mainly in school settings and also at work when conversing with a lower-ranked male employee. Sometimes it's even used for tomboys which Ruka Amane is nothing of the sort. In fact, buxom, pale-skinned, and most certainly unsullied Ruka Amane is a Japanese newhalf-- a transsexual born male but identifying as female.

Ruka Amane's initial encounter with her class of future functional Japanese adults goes off without a hitch for the most part. Introductions are made and lessons the regular teacher (who is out on long-term sick leave) left are followed though it isn't long before we see the first encounter between newhalf teacher and miscreant students: three cut class and lounge on the school roof (seriously, it seems like nearly every Japanese drama involving school deals with naughtiness up on the roof--schools should lock roof access to students and be done with it!) smoking cigarettes while commenting on their 'hot new teacher with big boobs'. Predictably, they're caught by said ample-breasted teacher who promptly scolds them after confiscating their contraband. A glimmer of revenge flashes across three pairs of rapscallion eyes before they make their exit.

Being a good teacher involves looking out for students in need and after discovering the same three delinquents teasing a glass-clad classmate--played by the same soft-spoken actor who portrayed Marude-kun in the Naked Transfer Student--escorts the frightened student to the nurse's office. There, a bizarre and darn near audacious confession is heard as her student--Masahara-kun as he's called now--wants Amane-sensei to be his 'first'. Slightly confused, but full of purpose, his innocent hands wrap around large breasts and soon enough, the older newhalf teacher is lip-locked with her younger charge.

Eventually, the couple is naked and being a virgin, Masahara-kun mistakes Ruka Amane's increasingly erect penis as a clitoris. She does not correct him. As for her vagina? Think south and soon enough, it's delicately spread and entered by an anxious Japanese student who only lasts several pumps before exploding love spunk into darkness.

This scene with Marude--correction, Masahara-kun--and Ruka Amane, our Japanese newhalf teacher was quite fun to experience. Due to her virgin student's total lack of experience, he mistakes an organ he surely is very familiar with with something it nowhere near resembles. From his viewpoint at least, this was perfectly normal intercourse done in a moderately risky environment. It was the nurse's office and said nurse could have returned at any moment.

Future scenes in Ruka Amane's attempt to be a Japanese Newhalf Teacher are more straightforward at least when it comes to gender identity. One scene features the school principal conversing with her about future prospects which leads to a very intense scene of newhalf lovemaking featuring bounteous doses of embarrassment as Ruka Amane is requested to first strip bottomless before more carnal and taboo acts of passion commence.

The three hellions--the puff-puff roof-top trio from before--return. Well, two of them return at least after one spots Ruka Amane changing in the teacher's room and makes the potent discovery that she possesses extra equipment where none is supposed to exist. Light bondage with further elements of embarrassment return in strength as a spread legged Japanese newhalf moans in rabid combinations of ecstasy and shame as her anus is first massaged and entered by fingers before a pairing of larger vibrators sally forth with buzzing salutations. The final moments in this scene are quite intense with the stark naked and spread eagle Japanese newhalf Ruka Amane having anus teased by vibrators while her shaft is powerfully pumped and tip vigorously massaged by crude hands of sardonically howling male students as she bellows forth quite mighty of a moan timed in perfect sync with an explosive ejaculation.

It's almost a requirement nowadays that school-themed productions have a feel-goody element at the end no matter how crazy the sexuality was leading up to it and Ruka Amane as a Newhalf Teacher is no different. Even after all the sexual teasing she went through by the inexperienced hands of students, she still finds time to collect herself and talk about the very serious topic of Gender Identity Disorder. She then wishes her students can find it in their hearts to not only accept her, but everyone no matter how their outward appearance may be. Thirty seconds of silence follow and then...

...unchained carnage.

One of the miscreants from earlier sallies to the front of the class and slyly asks, 'So you think you are a woman?' He then proceeds to strip his newhalf teacher in commencement of a wildly impromptu group-themed sex event featuring a certain large-breasted Japanese newhalf as the star. All holes are open and ready and fulfilled without delay. The scene closes with Masahara-kun--our flummoxed virgin from the initial scene of confused lust--draping his jacket over his semen-splattered Japanese newhalf teacher fading to white leading to the epilogue which won't be spoiled here.

Productions centering around Japanese newhalfs don't appear on Zenra that frequently. On top of that, some of you may be scratching your noggins wondering why this entry appears in the regular Japanese AV Stars category instead of Alternative Zenra--where the more unique and bizarre productions go. The reasoning is that although this movie stars a Japanese newhalf, the plot-line itself is pretty straight-forward. In situations like this, the plot and what actually happens during the scenes better dictates the most ideal category and Japanese AV Stars won out. Now, if this movie starred a Japanese newhalf working as a nudist teacher, categorization may have worked quite differently.

Ruka Amane, our beloved unsullied Japanese newhalf, performed well above satisfactory in her outing as a teacher. Her emotions were very believable and the role of submissive teacher amidst waves of extreme sexuality was gold. For some, her bolt-on breasts may be a turn off especially compared to the more natural-looking chests that South Asian ladyboys possess, but they surely do work well on her thin frame. She also does not appear to be taking hormones--or that much of them by any means--as her erections were stiff and long-lasting and ejaculation was very much a reality.

Lastly, plot-driven productions like this and all other movies on Zenra added in since the subtitling project began feature full and accurate English subtitles. You will know what's going on and why it matters. In a production like this featuring a Japanese newhalf in uncharted water, having an on-screen compass in the form of universal comprehension is vital.

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