Subtitled Japanese Lesbian Massage

Curious bisexual women find covert solace

Amorous Lesbian Massage Returns
with English Subtitles

Japanese women are the unsung heroes of modern Japan. If you've ever stepped foot outside the concrete jungles of the Kanto region and into the bucolic societies that make up the majority of the nation, you'll see fields lined up in near perfect symmetry well into the horizon. Depending on the season--as of writing this, it's onions that are being planted and bok choy being harvested--straw-brimmed hats cap the heads of Japan's increasingly aging agriculture independents. What's unique is that the majority who do the actual strenuous field work are in fact women. Men stick to the 'manly' tractor work while taking one too many cigarette breaks in between complaining about Japan Agriculture pension plans.

Even in the city, the rigors of being a Japanese women are becoming more widespread. Although once upon a time, those in suburbia lived the 'easy' life of running a household (which is anything but when trying to adhere to the never-ending demands your salaryman-of-a-husband makes!), things are changing as the younger population of Japanese forsake marriage and even dating in some circumstances. Today's women wed themselves to the same insatiable workplace grind their male counterparts do and it does so very much wear them down.

Fortunately, wherever one looks in essentially any modern Japanese city, clinics catering to holistic relaxation can be found. So many varieties exist and its truly hard to decide which is best. Some people flit around deciding on where to go via a coupon magazine such as Hot Pepper. They're known as 'Hot Pepper Nomads' due to their inability to decide on a regular haunt to spook and simply go to whatever establishment is running the best deal for new customers (and there are literally are too many to count!). Think of them as westerners with the infamous Groupon mentality, but worse.

To build a steady base of regular clients, something unique must be offered. Simply being a massage clinic is not going to cut it. Heck, only catering to half the eligible client base in a city--in other words, women-only--is cutting your prospective revenues in half! Could there be a way to turn this type of mindset into one that's profitable?

With a client book near bursting on top of continuously welcoming new female customers, one such ladies only Japanese massage clinic has found a way. Where other clients so very much want the business of anyone with an open wallet, this one is at the point where it actually has to turn people away!

'By the way, we offer a special women-oriented service.'
'It's a type of massage given to women who are lacking in sexual gratification.'

This two sentence description of the key package offered at this hush-hush ladies-only massage clinic sums up perfectly what they offer and what their burgeoning client base so voraciously desires: discrete and erotic massages for women by women.

Two lithe Japanese massage therapists--or masseuses depending on which play-book you subscribe to--work their amorous legerdemain upon the soft skin of four clients of varying body types and experiences. Some are fresh customers and some are regulars. One even opts for a very sensual treatment involving both therapists in decreasingly immodest states of undress. One thing in common with all four scenes that flit between downright lesbianism and embarrassing bisexual dalliances are the shattering high-pitched screeches of orgasmic bliss that both clients and massage therapists share. This is definitely a production that was designed for personal viewing with earphones turned down.

Each of the four sensual massages start out being performed by the books...almost. One thing of note early on is the insistence by the massage therapist for the client to strip out of all of her day clothes including underwear and to put on the tiniest of 'treatment attire' consisting of nothing but a minuscule sable thong and a string separating each pale globe of buttock. Massages consist of ample doses of herbal oil described as having 'slimming properties that will make you look and feel more toned on top of reducing swelling.' Whether it delivers on any of these promises is entirely objective, but the amount of calories burned via the forthcoming lesbian rumpus may account for those 'slimming properties.'

Bit by bit, the massages transmogrify from holistically sensual to downright sexual with curious and skilled fingers finding themselves deep within the damp crevices of areas masseuses almost never (or should never...normally) visit. Hushed breathing turns to moans and moaning turns to pleasurable wailing as the right spots are kneading, rubbed, and in some cases, tweaked. Fingers give way to tongues which flick nipples, slits, and even find solace in the open and wanting mouth of the aroused, sweat-soaked client awakening to freshly discovered lesbian tendencies.

Out of the four clients showcased, one comes off as a total newbie to the world of sensual massage. Her experience shown in the third scene is a great watch due to its heavy emphasis on ENF and CFNF which is short for 'Embarrassed Naked Female' and 'Clothed Female Naked Female' respectively. This scene features a totally clothed and quite pert masseuse working her indecent hands into the exposed skin of her slightly pudgy client whom goes from clad solely in a thong to nothing at all as her 'sexual gratification' massage runs its course.

Although most massages in the real world are more by the books, it's fun to fantasize about the existence of posh outlets of lesbian sexual desire such as the treatment clinic featured in Amorous Lesbian Massage Returns. The second edition of this Japanese lesbian massage series is very similar to the previous iteration. Perhaps the only real difference are the clients. Amorous Lesbian Massage Returns features younger clients who barely can be considered "araso's" (around-thirties) whereas the original iteration featured downright milfs and cougars galore.

Fans of massages--especially massages of a lesbian nature--will feel at home. Featuring ample dialog all subtitled in English, comprehending the range of wants and desires that first appear during the interview portion of each of the four scenes has never been easier. Although the general concept is straight-forward, there's always more to tell and missing out on some of the succulent Japanese lesbian-themed dialog exchanges would be a tragedy.

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