Japanese Schoolgirls and No Confidence Man

CFNM Erotic TV Show with a Surprising Twist with Subtitles

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Confidence Lacking Man Masturbates in Front of Japanese Schoolgirls
Part One with English Subtitles

Not everyone gets 'lucky' in life. There are too many stories of the 'nice guy' trying to do everything by the books and getting burned as his flame ignites herself around the 'jerk' who doesn't care about anything but himself. If the tables were turned and simply being nice...and perhaps a virgin would be a benefit, society itself would be a very different place. The subject of male virgins has been featured before on Zenra and once again, those needing a little extra help gain the spotlight and then some with the aid of a determined suave TV host and pairs of slightly experienced schoolgirls.

The name of the game is CFNM and for those not in the know, those initials stand for 'clothed female, naked male' thus the majority of this extra long production almost reaching the 4-hour mark is acted out in this fashion. The schoolgirls featured stay demurely dressed (for the most part...) while the embarrassed virgin is the one who's essentially stark naked and aroused from the get-go.

Taking a few steps back, each of the three scenes begins with some brief and pretty predicable street pickup aka nanpa. For those looking for something authentic, this is not the production for you--at least the first few minutes. It's obvious that the 'schoolgirls' are not exactly who they appear to be as even in the city, Japanese schoolgirls wouldn't be that outgoing to strangers asking them to take part in a late-night adult-oriented ('pink') TV show on satellite TV attracting a paltry viewer-ship of 0.03%. Yes, that's the catch--or at least part of it.

Our host is first shown (well, his voice is featured and everything else besides a stray hand remains off-screen for the entire production) talking to schoolgirls on the street. The premise of the show as explained by the urbane Akira of the Pink Rotors (a nascent 'comedian' though not one of the schoolgirls claims to have encountered him before) is corralling Japanese schoolgirls in their studio to look at a virgin and his erection. If they're up for it, they can also praise it, touch it, and possibly more. Money, of course, is offered right away for their participation and will increase depending on how long they stick around.

More chatting and interviews continue in the studio and then the underwear-clad embarrassed virgin is brought out. However, before he enters the studio, the host instructs his schoolgirl interviewees to keep their eyes closed, but keep their heads tilted facing the area where his manhood would be. This is important.

CFNM Confidence Lacking Man Masturbates in Front of Japanese Schoolgirls (what a title!) only describes the first portion of each scene. It also does not include one vital fragment of information that makes this more than yet another Japanese-schoolgirls-look-at-embarrassed-naked-men production:

There's a twist and it's a shocker.

Unfortunately, for those only reading and not watching, the twist that becomes apparent as soon as the Japanese schoolgirls are instructed to open their eyes will not be explained here. The screen-shots posted above may shed a slight hint at what it may be however (hint: look at the eyes of one of the schoolgirls in each scene!). What happens when eyes are open and these young and adventurous--well, ONE of the young and adventurous Japanese women--is astonishing and is played out through the entire scene. It really does raise the stakes in the increasingly lewd and kinky situations that make up this fantastic production.

In fact, the twist may not be that noticeable in the first scene (which is a whopper at almost 2 hours in length) and may require one to watch it again after viewing the next two scenes where the twist is easier to spot.

Each scene commences with looking at the virgin's erection while he casually strokes away at it. The challenges that the gregarious host brings up are increasingly indecent with handjobs coming into play followed by blowjobs and more. Two of the scenes end up with some frisson-inducing intercourse with an ending too surprising to put into words.

Even during the subtitling process, the surprise twist that flips this fun Japanese schoolgirls and chatty host interview show is not super apparent initially, but it becomes incredibly obvious to everyone but those involved as the production runs its course (the host remains amazingly dense). Not only do we get to see indecent Japanese schoolgirls conversing about some of the more lewd things they have done while playing hooky from school, we see them taking turns using their hands and tongues in the most lascivious of ways on a CFNM gentleman lacking any and all experience.

CFNM Confidence Lacking Man Masturbates in Front of Japanese Schoolgirls also features an immense amount of dialog. That, along with the special surprise twist, make it a production that would be near useless to watch without either fluent knowledge of the Japanese vernacular (no, level 1 of the (in)famous proficiency test will not be helpful when navigating the helter-skelter streets of schoolgirl slang!) or English subtitles. The latter is included and they're complete, accurate, and grammatically sound. Although the nanpa portions of each scene were on the weak side, this still is a CFNM production bordering on the fantastic.

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Confidence Lacking Man Masturbates in Front of Japanese Schoolgirls
Part Two with English Subtitles

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