Rin Momoka in First Nakadashi

Uncensored Japanese AV Hard Play with Subtitles


Rin Momoka in First Nakadashi Uncensored
with English Subtitles

Being a Japanese AV star is a career path a surprising amount of women in the Tokyo region opt to try out, but few have enough fortitude and charisma to last in it long enough to make an impact.  Even 'famous' AV stars generally have a shelf life of two years and even less last longer.  An actress such as Azusa Nagasawa was an extreme exception to the rule whose career pushed half a decade.  However, most flounder well before that.

It's actually rather challenging to appear as one's best in one's birthday suit in front of a camera while doing things with one's body that's best done in private.  It's a harsh industry which may be welcoming at first, but remaining at one's top form is a challenge most fail at.  Of course, 'failing' as an AV star is not exactly a bad thing.  'Failing' can simply mean doing a few titles and deciding to throw in the towel for the reasons just mentioned.  It doesn't have to refer to looks or even performance.  It's mostly mental, really.

Rin Momoka fits in the category of adult video stars who got their feet wet before calling it quits.  She's an interesting case starting with having essentially two first names which makes her something of a Ricky Bobby of the Japanese AV world (but female and a lot more attractive!).  Jokes aside, she really is adorable.  She's pert in all the best ways, has a body that's anything but disagreeable, and has what a lot of other short-lived AV stars lack:  charisma.  Being beautiful is one thing, but if you've no presence on camera, you can only go so far.

Rin Momoka has both and it shows in this great title, FIRST NAKADASHI ('nakadashi' meaning to ejaculate inside), which can also be considered her swan song of sorts.

Going uncensored was once upon a time something simply impossible for Japanese AV stars, but as the industry becomes more international, it's gaining more traction.  Domestic studios may despise it, but there is a growing bizarro industry of Japanese production companies incorporated abroad who are using the Japanese obscenity laws to their benefit.  AV stars on their way out find themselves tempted to appear in this titles due to pay that is many times higher than what they'd normally receive (which still is pretty decent compared to western adult video stars).

FIRST NAKADASHI follows the trend set by other titles by POMPIE such as this one and this one.  It clocks in just under two hours and contains four scenes that aren't connected aside from starring the same actress.  We're huge fans of story-lines are great and we love to focus more on them along with 'document' AV titles like this housewife affair update a few months ago, but we are aware that sometimes something purely sexual is what's desired.  FIRST NAKADASHI fits the bill nicely.

Rin Momoka may have the looks and the charisma, but she still comes off as more of an amateur.  This was a title that showed her generally on the submissive side, but she was a great sport.  The threesome in the second scene was one of the best in recent memory.  It featured two actors (Ken Pierre and Yogii Agawa) frequent viewers of Japanese AV may have seen many a time, but the scene had a very organic vibe to it.  It felt less rushed and...scripted?...than other threesomes from uncensored titles.  All in all, it felt like these two highly experienced gentlemen were gently and progressively teaching her the ropes on pleasurable devil's threesomes.

Another neat addition to FIRST NAKADASHI was an authentic CFNM scene that featured Rin Momoka dressed as a schoolgirl.  Her task was to sketch the erection of a nudist cameraman.  The sketch came out surprisingly well and she frequently touched, caressed, and even licked his erection during the process.  Once sketching was complete, she provided very well-filmed fellatio with an explosive finish.  She even tried to get him to orgasm a second time to little success.

FIRST NAKADASHI with Rin Momoka was fun to work on and is a pretty good title.  After the last two updates which both featured extremely...EXTREMELY...aggressive footage, we felt it was best to make today's release at ZENRA a bit more intimate.  Completely uncensored and with the addition of exclusive English subtitles, this is another release that's best not to skip.

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