Embarrassed Shaven Folly Uncensored

Miyuki Nonomura debuts her explosive orgasm ability with subtitles


Embarrassed Shaven Folly Uncensored with Miyuki Nonomura
with English Subtitles

One of the things aspiring Japanese models need to work upon is crafting their audition image. Auditions are huge--especially for the ambitious masses who lack the luck and timing of being scouted in the right place (hint: live in a city, walk around a lot, and be tall and thin-boned). A group of judges all work with little play each with a clipboard containing basic information: name, height, age, hometown, and perhaps a bust-up photograph are looking for something special. It's up to aspiring models to turn that into something more than simply notes on a sheet of paper. Auditions involve speaking, walking, and sometimes end on a light note with 'talents'.

If today's Japanese AV star was auditioning for a gig--hopefully one in a field suitable for 'outgoing' women--her 'talent' would leave jaws resting soundly on the floor. Miyuki Nonohara can squirt. She can really, really squirt. Orgasmic squirting by itself is not that rare of an ability. Many women can do it, but being able to essentially squirt on command and with gusto is something only a few blessed can accomplish and Miyuki Nonohara fits the bill.

Short, somewhat compact, with slightly larger than average breasts and a Japanese girl-next-door look, Miyuki Nonohara seems very attainable. She might not be 'idol' material--especially now due to her somewhat alternative romantic abilities--but she does come off as a person with a lot of mirth. On top of that, hardcore fans of Sumo wrestling may note that she could almost pass for being a younger sister top-level wrestler Ikioi whom both have quite similar facial characteristics.

Miyuki Nonohara's first production on Zenra, Embarrassed Shaven Folly, adheres to its name. She is quite embarrassed being the main star as sometimes single and other-times multiple men do a gamut of naughty things with a theme of explosive orgasms. Also, as the title implies, Miyuki Nonohara lacks pubic hair. Of course, she's not naturally bald nor is the hair permanently gone. Her final scene with an AV actor named Jun Odagiri whom has appeared in a plethora of films on Zenra starts with a casual pep-talk that leads to mild chagrin from said actor as he discovers her lack of hair. When asked, her reply was simple yet demure: 'I shaved it.'

Although Embarrassed Shaven Folly is on one level a straight-forward hardcore production, there is a surprising amount of dialog. This is not a simple huff-puff-squirt-and-repeat situation. Miyuki herself may not be that loquacious, but her partners certainly are. Three of the scenes feature slow yet determined aural buildup that goes hand-in-hand with the debauchery shown. Miyuki Nonohara is casually shifted from the normalcies of real life to the dim lilac lights of the salacious via the sullied ken of her experienced male partners.

One of the main shooting locations--a somewhat undecorated off-white room with a bookcase filled with reading material most likely never actually opened--was featured in Ten Star Massages, but instead of a sensual yet increasingly sexual buildup to passionate--yet holistic--lovemaking, Miyuki Nonohara's romp in the same room is lewdly indecent from the ground up. There are multiple times during production where a well-placed camera not only was able to capture an impressive explosive jet of female love juices, but was able to have it land precisely on the lens making for some visually-impaired, but welcome viewing.

New to the world of AV--and going by a blog which is set to password-only and a Twitter link going nowhere--and already gone, Miyuki Nonohara went to the realm of hardcore without much respite. Once upon a time, it was common (and still is to some extent) for aspiring actresses to start tame with projects such as picture books and slowly tip-toe down the slick road to squirtsville. Miyuki Nonohara apparently chose to dive head first into pure naughtiness and it may have been too much for her. Either way, she pulls off a great submissive vibe during this pleasant two hour production. She also is pleasured by some of the most famous faces in Japanese AV who know better than anyone else how to make a woman feel good.

Being dialog-heavy, exclusive, full, and most important, accurate English subtitles are provided. Truthfully speaking, nothing groundbreaking is mentioned in Japanese during Miyuki Nonohara's indecent and shaved squirting affair, but the guidance of her famous actor co-workers each with their impressive technical abilities and knowledge of what to say and when to say it is something that should be noted by all. This tidy and very well-lit Japanese AV production is best for those who want something cozy to watch without worrying about whose responsibility it is to clean up a sopping wet mattress soaked to the springs with ambrosial lady juice (that's the job of the AD!).


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