The Uncensored Swan Song of MONBU RAN Part One

The Final Release for The Japanese AV 'Chestnut Cream Cake' Girl


The Uncensored Swan Song of MONBU RAN
Part One with English Subtitles
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The concept of lifetime employment still is a thing for those who manage to score working as a 'seishain' for a large company.  It's secure, the pay's OK until you get much older, and it can be very respected if you work for one of the gargantuan zaibatsu.  In the Japanese AV world for women who work in front of the camera, employment expiration dates are a very real thing...and they're usually decided by themselves with little in the way of outside interference.

Nobody wants an AV star to quit.  This goes triple for famous ones and ones that are super attractive.  However, unlike working in a quiet office far away from the sun doing gosh knows what 10-12 hours a day, the career of a Japanese AV star is well-charted and intimately archived for...uh, historical archival purposes or something.

Looking one's best under harsh lights doing things the majority of adults do in clandestine settings such as love hotels or at home in the dark takes a toll.  Even popular AV stars are apt to retire after only two years and not too many who work regularly in the biz cling to camera-facing jobs longer than that.  When you get into the 5+ year group of active actresses, the numbers dwindle further and a decade of front-facing camerawork is in insane rarity.  This author only knows of maybe three AV stars who have been working constantly that long in roles that call for nudity AND sex.

MONBU RAN had a career spanning about five years and achieved hefty popularity right out of the gate.  The name 'MONBU RAN' can translate to 'Mont Blanc' which itself is a kind of chestnut cream cake.  With that said, we at ZENRA usually write the names of actresses in the western style of first name followed by last name, but doing so this time around would remove the magic that is the elfin AV star known to the world as MONBU RAN.

She entered the industry with a bang:  rather than safe debut titles, the first release by MONBU RAN was a hardcore fetish flick all about GOKKUN.  Her acceptance of starting with a semen-heavy title like this quickly made her a fan-favorite and her career further blossomed without any delay.

Hundreds of titles are credited to her and she has had great memories from them all, but she finally decided to move on with her life which brings her to this unbelievably wonderful two-part update:  THE UNCENSORED SWAN SONG OF MONBU HD.

Admittedly, we had this title in our non-published library for awhile and were waiting for the right time to drop it on our beloved subscribers.  It's a beautifully shot and lengthy work that required an immense commitment on our behalf.  You see, many of the cut-scenes featured not only tons of dialog, but also a massive amount of on-screen captioning.

MONBU RAN was kind enough to go all out with her final title--and yes, this really was her last one.  Rather than doing something 'traditionally' daring like having anal sex for the first time (and we would of loved to see that!), she opted instead to treat her fans by showing them ALL of her.  Her final production was uncensored and runs for a hefty four hours!

Scene after scene after scene shows MONBU RAN in various types of sexual play.  There's MONBU RAN, the soapland queen, that threesome of a devil's kind, one-on-one masochistic sex, pubic hair paipan shaving play, a POV paipan finale, and more.  All scenes were shot well and those wanting to see every nook and cranny of this petite yet busty Japanese woman with an uber cute complexion are in for a chestnut cream-flavored treat.

On top of some really good camera angles that veered slightly away from the frequent close-ups uncensored shots are known for, the finale was also bittersweet.  There we see a freshly sexed MONBU RAN clad only in a bathrobe saunter into the living room of the set to be met with a huge collection of chestnut cream cakes and staff members giving her bouquet after bouquet of fresh flowers.  It was tearful and she really was grateful and we seriously doubt she was simply 'acting'.

So will MONBU RAN return to Japanese AV?  It could happen and her Japanese Wikipedia page claims she actually ended up doing a few more titles after 'announcing her retirement', but today's and next week's update was indeed her final shoot in spite of potentially not being the final published release.  Most likely she's had her final curtain call although we all can visit as many Shinto AND Buddhist temples as we want hoping for a MONBU RAN comeback as an amorous milf, the chances of it happening are sadly slim. 

But you never know...she's in her early 30's now and aggressive older women are in demand.

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