Masochistic Men Prepped For Public Indecency

Extreme Japanese Public Humiliation with Subtitles

Masochistic Men Prepped For Public Indecency
with English Subtitles


One of the earliest 'extreme' fetishes found in Japanese AV was that of femdom.  It was there almost since the get-go, but has been considered 'underground' as it really did veer from the norm.  Adult video in Japan has mainly been about men being in charge which sharply mirrors Japanese society of the modern era and also that of the past.  Seeing a women nude with butt in the air with one arm covering her mouth to muffle cries of passion while the other is joined with her male partner is a power position quite common in AV.  However, as we have seen with some recent femdom titles on ZENRA posted throughout this year, women do sometimes enjoy being in charge.

Heck, sex doesn't even have to happen.  There's something viciously pleasing to them about taking a gentleman who normally would be in charge and to downright humiliate him in the most obscene ways public.  We saw what happened when a duo of aggressively dominant women stare daggers into pitiful cross-dressing otaku and GUTS, the production company behind that has devised another idea just as daring.  This time around the theme is not cross-dressing with makeup, but to have each male volunteer (called a Pig in the first scene, a Dick in the next, and a Radish Sprout in the final) go out with them in public wearing a plain white t-shirt with highly inappropriate handwritten messages on it.

Each of the three scenes are all about teasing followed by extreme humiliation in public.  The first two scenes feature three women, but one of the trio vanishes for some unexplained reason in the final scene.  The viciousness does not subside though.  Teasing remains prim and proper and in your face for the entire length of this great GUTS title.

Although MASOCHISTIC MEN PREPPED FOR EXTREME PUBLIC INDECENCY is categorized on ZENRA as a public nudity release, it's one of those unique titles that are somewhere on the crossroads between categories.  Frequent visitors may have already noticed, but the categorization on ZENRA results in true categories.  Other sites may seem to show more genres, but their categorization system ends up simply tagging movies so the same release may appear as an update in both Category A and Category B.  We don't want to deceive our subscribers by inflating the movie count so when we see a movie like this one, we have to lean towards what we feel best represents it and solely group it there.

In the case of PREPPED, the brazenness of taking these poor men outdoors in public is enough to squarely identify this as a public nudity movie...a highly maniac one however.

The Japanese women 'starring' in this release can be downright vile.  They joke, jeer, tease, and even spit at each of their male playdates.  They'll order them to dance, they'll tell them to walk around bottomless, and they'll even have them eat their own ejaculate.  The final scene not only includes this somewhat sickening eating portion, but also shows one of the women taking his dirty 'radish juice' and rubbing it on his lips as makeshift chap stick.  "After all," she said, "it's cold out and you don't want to get dry lips!"

MASOCHISTIC MEN PREPPED FOR PUBLIC INDECENCY wasn't all extreme femdom.  There actually was a lot of humor.  The 'Pig' from the first scene features a highly masochistic portly actor whom appears in many GUTS titles (and also some titles by COLLECTOR) is the surprising source of extremely humorous dialog.  Japanese learners may have heard the phrase burikko and it's safe to say that he's a master of its male version.  Burikko for those new to the word refers to the slightly high-pitched voices Japanese women frequently use when on the phone in order to sound cute and innocent and submissive.  All of Pig's dialog follows the tried-and-true 1980's bubbly burikko format leading to unscripted laughter from all those taking part.

This definitely is a title that not every subscriber will enjoy.  That we know, but to distinguish ZENRA from other western Japanese AV sites, we want to showcase the type of adult video that would otherwise not see the light of day...or if it did, would be improperly shown.  In the case of this title, watching it without English subtitles would be near pointless.  PREPPED in particular has an immense amount of dialog.  Our own subtitle prep for this update took twice as long as normal and we admit that even we could not subtitle every single line due to the sheer number of them (for the nitpickers, we would say this title is 95% subtitled).

GUTS, thinking out of the box, released a total of 6 titles following this soul-crushingly wicked femdom vs. public nudity format.  MASOCHISTIC MEN PREPPED FOR PUBLIC INDECENCY is the second in this loosely-connected series.  There is one more title that is a direct sequel to today's release and three more titles that follow the trend started by the cross-dressing nightmare shown a few months ago.  Fans of femdom and public nudity throw your hands in the air and be joyous as all will be shown on ZENRA in good time.

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