Yuko Iijima Big Breasts Rental Service

What Happens When You Visit a Sadistic Actor at Home


Yuko Iijima Big Breasts Rental Service
with English Subtitles


The most common type of brothel service in Japan at the moment is called a delivery health.  Where once upon a time horny John's would visit established locations for lovemaking, stricter anti-prostitution laws have made it harder than ever to operate brick-and-mortar shops.  Now the overwhelming majority of sex-for-pay services operate pretty much how out-call escort services in the west do:

You've your girl and you've your driver.  There's a receptionist of some sort as well who ensures the cogs of the operation remain well-oiled, but aside from a voice on the phone, you'll never encounter him or her in person.  The escort herself is more often than not a bit older than 'schoolgirl age' no matter what her profile says and on that note, YUKO IIJIMA enters the picture.

YUKO certainly isn't a young one.  We won't beat around the bush with that.  Seeing her don a schoolgirl uniform or--gosh forbid--bloomers would be silly.  She's definitely in her late twenties if not older and she's definitely seen thinner days as well.  Can we call her BBW?  By your average salaryman standards, perhaps, but compared to what comes up as 'BBW' when searching for it on the net, YUKO IIJIMA's much closer to having a voluptuous body type.  She's big, she's busty, and is also incredibly shy.

Shyness, at least, is a very Japanese trait which she demonstrates well in today's title, BIG BREASTS RENTAL SERVICE.

Please note that although we made some seemingly negative jabs at her physique, we truly do not mean it in a harsh way.  YUKO is 'normal' and that's also a major plus.  She really does give off the kind of vibe along with the looks one would expect when ordering delivery health and that in itself adds a pleasant dose of realism to today's ZENRA update.

BIG BREASTS RENTAL SERVICE is not a pure delivery health title though.  The gist is actually more AV-centric featuring an off-camera manager in the car with YUKO before the real action begins.  The car ride is full of conversations that center on the amateur actor she's about to meet.  The origins for the encounter are not mentioned unfortunately, but from what we discern, he's new to the industry and also has a slightly sadistic side.  He also is incredibly fond of rope binding.

Yes, rope binding and we know last week's update featuring JURI MATSUZAKA featured extremely similar uses of bondage ropes, but her use with them and YUKO's is drastically different; for starters, BIG BREAST RENTAL SERVICE is one of the few titles in recent memory outside of brutally hard TANBIKAI that feature binding from zero to finish.  The majority of time in AV, the binding process is skipped so all fans generally see is the finish product.  Here, for the sake of authenticity, the sadistic actor is shown slowly, but intently binding an all but naked and embarrassed YUKO.  She starts out mildly exposed and by the time he's finished making knots over knots, she's spread in ways many steps past normal indecency.

Although the actor was described as a sadist, sex was pretty standard.  Vicious spanking and sadomasochistic role play was all but absent.  The only real item of note is RENTAL SERVICE is an uncensored release so everything is there in your face sans mosaic.  We know some subscribers are major fans of close-ups done in titles like this so if that's your bag, grab a chair and sit close.

YUKO IIJIMA can safely be called a kikaku model.  She only has appeared in a few titles and although has had leading roles in some, they were all small releases.  It's hard to say if pushing harder in the industry is her objective, but what we do know for sure is we'll be seeing her at least one more time at ZENRA in another update that takes the at-home-visitation theme and injects a little bit of comedy into it.

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