Yukari Miyazawa - Cannot Get Enough of You

Rather than Masturbate to Her Panties...


Yukari Miyazawa - Cannot Get Enough of You
with English Subtitles


One of the things I've noticed about a lot of the VR titles we've been showing have been that they all pretty much start with you in a state of extreme ennui; you're lounging around just looking for a way to pass time.  Who knows--your phone may be dead or the signal in the countryside (where today's update apparently was filmed!) was too low to jack it to internet porn movies.  You're bored.  You're horny.  You need an outlet!

Today that outlet at first comes through the pink panties of a fast-favorite at ZENRA:  YUKARI MIYAZAWA.  She's still new to the Japanese AV industry, but has managed to combine a decent amount of charisma with youthful looks and a wee bit of mischief all in one very tight package.  Keeping it real, does she have a 'great' body?  Maybe not entirely.  She's certainly flat on the front, but makes up for it with a very expansive butt that again she puts to great use.

Yes, again!  Although we still haven't shown YUKARI MIYAZAWA in a full-fledged update, this is our second outing with her in a VR release.  Our first is probably my favorite VR title so far and today's update, YUKARI MIYAZAWA CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF YOU is also near the top.  Now this doesn't mean I don't care for other titles we've shown.  That's far from it!

Each and every one of us has his or her own unique tastes.  Some may prefer lewd Japanese woman with gargantuan breasts where others such as yours truly prefers skinny, pale, and innocent.  We're going to try hard to showcase titles for everyone so if your type of Japanese AV star has not yet been shown in VR form, sit tight!

CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF YOU has YUKARI dead set in her sexually playful comfort zone.  From her catching you playing with her panties to the semi-sixtynine blowjob that follows where she allows you to spread and play with her most intimate areas, the leadership torch is fast held by her.  You're forever playing the submissive!  I should note here that although this title has mosaic censorship, the pixelation is *really* low.  When subtitling this release, some of those spread pussy shots were so clear I thought WAAP may have done goofed!

I can't wait to see where virtual reality JAV goes from here.  From what I've seen at WAAP's site, they're pushing more and more updates out and are increasingly expanding on the types of genres shown.  We intend to keep on showing their updates so long as we remain in their  good graces (knocking on wood and crossing fingers!) so whatever you see there will probably be shown here soon enough.

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