Yuu Kawakami - Lewd Woman Takes Control of Your Poison Dick

Luckiest Husband on Earth


Yuu Kawakami - Lewd Woman Takes Control of Your Poison Dick
with English Subtitles


You can almost consider LEWD WOMAN TAKES CONTROL OF YOUR POISON DICK to be a direct sequel to this lovely threesome gem from a few months ago.  Both are wonderful VR releases by WAAP starring ZENRA favorite YUU KAWAKAMI (though the previous one had her co-starring with the fast-rising AKI SASAKI).  Both of course being shot totally in POV while this time around we see YUU take care of her you--her husband--in a more intimate setting.

While we're really loving group experiences as of late, sometimes a cozy title like this starring a JAV legend really fits the bill.  YUU's a pro through and through and even on her own in a setting where has no choice but to do all the talking, she still commands the set like nobody's business.  I would KILL to be her lucky husband.  Even though this time around the final finish was done via her hand, it still made for a killer experience that VR technology perfectly captured.

YUU KAWAKAMI really is a legend.  I've thrown this word around, but just seeing how far she's come from her ho-hum debut is just amazing.  She's more beautiful than ever and her prowess is nonpareil.  At this point in time the only roles she would be a surefire MISSES for is donning a schoolgirl uniform or playing a grannie.  Essentially anything in between from naive wife in postwar Japan choosing to have sex for food to something like today's update:  a passionate wife taking the lead for an unforgettable sexual encounter is fair game for her impressive acting chops.  Be it VR or anything else, so long as YUU keeps up her acting game in the JAV industry, she'll always have a place here at ZENRA.

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