Yukari Miyazawa - My Thin Friend Took Me to Heaven

Thin, Pale, and Beautiful!


Yukari Miyazawa - My Thin Friend Took Me to Heaven
with English Subtitles


We're gonna be repeating ourselves for awhile by saying this, but VR titles are initially going to be rather short adventures in...ah...reality that's virtual.  Don't expect epic storylines spanning multiple scenes just yet.  That technology is still nascent and the makers that have embraced it are still learning how to film again almost from step one.

WAAP is moving along swimmingly though.  Their VR output has been steadily increasing from a title every so often to a dedicated few each month.  From what we gather, they're selling like hotcakes in Japan where the supposed high number of fans with Hikikomori tendencies can find a semi-realistic way to picture themselves being intimate with their favorite AV stars.

So far it's visual-only, but already 'smell-o-vision' technology paired with VR headsets is a reality--in prototype form.  Soon enough you may have the option to embrace all the miasmic funks of real deal sex!  How grand would that be?! (cough)

Now with some form of introductions out of the way, we're back again with another VR update via WAAP!  We welcome YUKARI MIYAZAWA into the ZENRA fold.  Like other actresses so far shown via our virtual reality updates, she's extremely new to the industry.  Heck, she's another who only has been doing adult video for less than a year though already has gained quite a following.  YUKARI may be petite and flat on both ends, but commands a brazen personality that fans with submissive tendencies should very much enjoy.

Here, she plays a very 'close' friend of yours.  You're lounging in your bed and refuse to budge in spite of it being...well, HER bed.  YUKARI opts to take a shower warning you to be gone when she returns, but you ignore that and pretty much everything else until she starts stripping then and there.  Seeing her cute pale form in lingerie and nothing else causes you to 'react'.  It also causes YUKARI to 'react' and you then 'react' together--yada yada yada--cumshot via sumata.  The end.

YUKARI MIYAZAWA is a cute actress and I sure hope we have the opportunity to show her again--actually, we WILL have the chance as she did another VR title with WAAP that we DID license out.  With that said, I still do hope we feature her in the future in a more fleshed out title even if its done via more 'traditional' filmmaking.

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