Karen Sakisaka - My Submissive Pet

Who Wouldn't Want to Have One of These?


Karen Sakisaka - My Submissive Pet
with English Subtitles


Who here has ever wanted their own Japanese maid slash willing sex slave?  I'm sure some of you are out there.  There has to be!  I mean the hyper-docile maid is very strong tried-and-true trope of Japanese AV.  It definitely helps that most fans of adult video within Japan prefer their woman to be innocent (though lewd woman and femdom exists in droves as well!).

Until now, pretty much all the VR titles by WAAP have mainly featured women being somewhat sadistic and from the viewpoint of this author at least, that is a sound way to make the most of the technology.  After all, to make VR 'work', you're gonna need your actor to remain still and supine.

However, the 'still and supine' position also works wonders for masochistic 'harem'-type titles as well and it shines equally well in today's update, MY SUBMISSIVE PET starring KAREN SAKISAKA.  Like other actresses who have done VR via WAAP, KAREN is also somewhat of an AV newcomer; she debuted just over a year ago and remains rather active.  I've a feeling she may not make it to A-rank, but she'll stick around and star in a great number of works that push the innocence factor to its natural limit.

Being a quick update not running even 15 minutes, there's not much we can write about it.  It's brief, it's visually appealing and it's nice to see a JAV star strip as the last few VR releases were mainly CFNM-themed, and going by WAAP's continued output, expect more titles such as MY SUBMISSIVE PET where the actresses act more masochistic and remain unclothed.

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