Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Gone Wrong with Yuko Iijima

An Uncensored Voluptuous Wall of Flesh


Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Gone Wrong with Yuko Iijima
with English Subtitles


It's kind of strange how on one hand, the common beautiful woman stereotype of big breasts on an otherwise slim body finished by long legs holds true for most adult media, but sometimes its imperfections that bring out the realism of models that make for the most salient titles.  It's because of this amateur porn has always had a strong following.  There are many consumers of AV who prefer to put themselves in scenes that involve situations and people that look closer to what they encounter in real life.

Fantastic sets in beach-side getaways complete with endless swimming pools matching the endless susurration of the ocean a stone's throw away make for ideal eye candy, but a crummy apartment with archaic wood paneling and an otherwise average and rather heavyset delivery woman help create a more determined erection.

At least that's our take about it.

Granted, there's a time and place for both situations and the adult industry all over the world is just as welcoming to 'average women' as it is to those with supernal physical characteristics.  The latter of course get more prominent placement, but even the three-baggers can find work if they're open about taking whatever's tossed their way.

Make note:  YUKO IIJIMA is no three-bagger.  We definitely and honestly can't put her in the upper echelon of AV talent, but she gives off a unique erotic yet coy vibe we don't see from other women in her caliber.  It's a very fine balancing act and she gets a gold star for pulling it off.  Usually women come off as too shy followed by putting on fantastic impressions of dead fish during the act itself.  YUKO just oozes the right amount of eroticism both before and during coitus to make her a formidable contender for Japanese milf of the year.

Yea, she ain't young.  We don't have her ID right in front of us, but she's definitely is what the Japanese call 'araso'--or 'around thirty', but we think for someone of her character, the age factor is a plus.

This is actually YUKO IIJIMA's second appearance on ZENRA.  Some months back she appeared pretty much playing herself in another uncensored HD release.  That time it was her and her agent meeting a horny fan for somewhat kinky sex.  In DRY CLEANING DELIVERY SERVICE GONE WRONG, the theme still is centered around licentious activities in a normal apartment.  This time however, YUKO plays the role of a delivery agent for a dry cleaning company dispatching freshly cleaned attire to a certain young and ambitious customer.  Things go way off kilter almost from the get-go.

The actor in this title we haven't met before, but from a subtitling point of view, we enjoyed his presence; he talked clearly during the early portions of the title where setting up the situation was paramount, but also knew to keep mostly quiet during the sex itself.  We love translating titles probably more than anyone else, but hushed whispering during sexual play is a nightmare to work on.  Mind you Japanese AV rarely uses scripted lines and boom mics and re-recording dialog after shooting is about as common as finding an actual unicorn in Sannomiya.

One of the less noticeable things (unless you're a major fan of AV) in DRY CLEANING DELIVERY SERVICE GONE WRONG is that a real apartment was used.  Many a time AV production companies tend to use studios or the same old apartment for every single shoot which makes a title feel more fake.  Of course if it's a playful and otherworldly theme to begin with, then this is a non-issue, but for titles such as this one that push for some realism, filming in a 'real' location always is a big plus.

YUKO IIJIMA may truly be a lady next door.  She's older than an average AV star and considerably larger too, but we can't deny very much enjoying seeing the latter portions of this title featuring her having sex in a reverse cowgirl position.  It was great, really:  seeing her pale chunky body rising up and down.  Her huge breasts and equally expansive butt were shuddering almost in unison.  She also had the beginnings of a 'housewife gut' that was just begging to be grabbed onto in lieu of tits when she was told to turn around.

Tummy-grabbing during sex...now that's a neat idea.  We actually got you covered and will be showing a BBW title featuring this position in droves.  It'll be an in an update coming next year, but in the meantime, we'll be sure to add a few more updates to our Voluptuous Series section of ZENRA.  For every YUKO IIJIMA, there actually are many more women of similar physical properties who don't mind bearing all on camera for distinguished fans such as you.

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