Japanese Uncensored Public Nudity with Subtitles

Voluptuous Girl Next Door Marin Aizawa Knows No Shame

A Strange Shade of Violet with Marin Aizawa
With English Subtitles

Going outside in your birthday suit takes a lot of guts whomever you are. Even with a good deal of money on the table coming your way, stripping off everything that covers up your modesty--or shame depending upon your beliefs--outside where actual, real people (!) are milling about has to be one of the most embarrassing yet thrilling things you can put yourself through. Marin Aizawa fits this profile. She bares all in the most literal sense to the delights of at-home viewers and the surprises of those out and about. It's real public nudity in Japan that like any other population hubs worldwide, is not something you can encounter often and not deem apocryphal.

Just to vent some reality-infused steam, yes, Marin Aizawa (obviously a stage name) is not the most beautiful Japanese woman to ever grace the small screen of extra-sensual 'v' cinema--aka adult video. She also does not boast ample doses of confidence nor maintains a sultry aura like her another public nudity-venturing AV star. She isn't slim and even calling her classically rubenesque wouldn't be accurate. She is busty and certainly not overweight. She takes good care of herself, but also wouldn't be gracing the covers of any magazines and video covers would most likely focus more on her generous chest than anywhere else.

That said, Marin Aizawa, the star of this Japanese public nudity production, is a real girl-next-door. For those wanting to see how a 'real' Japanese women would act when filmed in her own risky AV movie featuring true blue public indecency, now is your chance.

The production begins with a short interview in a taxi--and yes, this is a real taxi on the clock. Some other AV productions tend to falsify things including transportation, but this either is the most realistic fake taxi in existence, or it actually is an actual car driven by someone (statistically a single man in his mid 50's to 60's) who will receive a massively generous tip after filming concludes. The interview itself quickly sums up Marin Aizawa's game plan for the next scene before we find ourselves outside smack dab in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Marin Aizawa has on a beet red trench-coat, leather boots, and nothing else. An anonymous assistant director quickly snatches off her jacket leaving her stark naked in public. She continues walking with a bemused yet embarrassed look on her face and people around her pay little attention surprisingly. A few older gentlemen give her a few idle looks, but that's all. This may seem odd when watching at home, but if you were out and about and encountered an impromptu Japanese nudist walking the streets--or any naked person really--you'd most likely be too surprised to register what you're seeing and quickly decide it's best to simply continue on your path. Humans may be empathetic, but group mentality runs strong and if everyone around her is moving on to their next destinations, you're more likely to do the same.

Later scenes in this Japanese public nudity production are still outside, but not so public. Frankly, it'd be nigh on impossible to give fellatio or even go all the way in the middle of the scramble intersection in Shibuya without invoking the wrath of law enforcement and vocal tourists immune to group herding. The lewder scenes of Marin Aizawa's brisk March nudist outing (although not mentioned, there was an advertisement in the taxi cab for a JPOP album and Wikipedia-sleuthing uncovered a March release) still take place outside--under the 'blue sky' the cameraman remarks though the dictat of nature decided upon an overcast situation. Winter may be gone, but rain was surely on the way during filming.

The harder scenes are more straight-forward, though still unique in their own right. Although filmed outside and in public places, they felt very authentic. Less AV--less acting--and more like how you'd expect a girl-next-door to provide and receive adult relations. It certainly wasn't a let-down.

Although dialog outside of interactions in the taxi may be sparse, everything mentioned from the post-thrill of flashing to coitus foreplay in the forest is given full and exclusive English subtitles. Actual public nudity is hard to come by so this production should not be overlooked because it does not star a rail-thin bubbly Japanese AV star.

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