Beyond G-Cup with Juri Matsuzaka

Extreme Submission Featuring One Of AV's Best Bodies


Beyond G-Cup with Juri Matsuzaka
with English Subtitles


There are some who say the Japanese AV stars of years past have nothing on the looks of the ones who claim the popularity throne today.  We feel this is horribly short-sighted specially when once upon a time, the small screen of personal adult video was graced by stunning actresses such as a MIKO HAYAMA, a ZENRA favorite, and today with JURI MATSUZAKA.  The former is known for her innocent good looks and milky white skin and today's special feature is known for a body that just won't quit!

From the top there's that angular bone structure on a face somewhat square, but works incredibly well in her favor.  Move lower for gargantuan G-cup breasts that fit her frame oh so perfectly.  Keep going for her intimate areas always glistening and sparkling given proper lighting and further still are legs that are slim and near endless like this run-on sentence.

This is the package that JURI MATSUZAKA delivers and today she does a damn fine job of letting the viewers take it all in.

This is BEYOND G-CUP, a de-mosaiced release by VIRTUAL WAVE originally released a little over a decade ago with extra thick NEVA-era mosaic.  Now the title has again seen the light of day, but with everyone's favorite party crasher long gone.  Every natural part of JURI's near flawless body is here for the taking and the only barrier this time around is your monitor.

BEYOND G-CUP was edited in a strange order that for some reason began with a sex scene and concluded with double fellatio.  We're not sure why it was done this way when the opposite has always been the norm.  We were even tempted to re-arrange the scenes ourselves, but although we may be good at subtitling and so-so at typing out these reviews, actual editing's something that we'd be hesitant to add on a resume.  Thus, the format of BEYOND G-CUP remains as is.  If you prefer your foreplay first, then we highly recommend watching the first scene at the end.

The submissive trope where the woman remains demure, embarrassed, and of course incredibly and shamefully horny is tried and true.  Here, it's exploited to the extreme with JURI MATSUZAKA remaining near mute aside from caterwauling love moans and a few random pleas for increased pleasure.  It's her male companions that do most of the talking and it's pretty good for the most part.  There were a few times the audio was a bit muffled, but nothing too major and we're sure nothing important was missed.

One drag about BEYOND G-CUP was the excessive use of the blindfold in the final scene.  JURI has such a nice face that we'd love to have seen it from start to finish, but the actors involved had other ideas and wanted to keep the salaciousness of this title up near the max.  On that front at least, they did well as bondage ropes were affixed to JURI nearly the entire time.

She was bound from shoulder to slit, but done so in a way that still allowed her to move around in ways lascivious.  BEYOND G-CUP is not a traditional bondage title so if actual binding with candles and wax is something you're needing a fix for, we've other titles that probably will fit the bill.

JURI MATSUZAKA has been retired for a very long time now though in this industry it's hard to say whether or not an actress will make a comeback or desire to remain out of the limelight.  We've seen other AV stars of her era return to do milf roles so that option will always be open to her.  Until then, there's no going BEYOND G-CUP.

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