Subtitled National Nude Day Japan

Japanese residents take part in salacious nudist activities with subtitles

National Nude Day
with English Subtitles

With the birth rate declining in alarming numbers combined with an elderly population taking up a larger percentage of the census every year, Japan is facing a serious population problem many other industrial nations have been facing for many a year. With more people working longer and more women on the workforce, family life that was once taken for granted now has been pushed to the backseat. Most people nowadays have no interest in getting married let alone have a family of their own thus there is a widening gap between the senior citizens and the apathetic, overworked young folk supporting them.

In a dashing and almost unbelievable effort to combat this issue, the Japanese government has designated a certain day each month to be National Nude day. During this day, all adults must go about their regular business in the buff; no excuses, no fake sick days—rather, work and study as usual.

Even in college, where students love to express their individuality, many are still shy about their bodies thus the school for a day decides that instead of regular lessons, there will be a focus in all classes of all majors in advanced sexual play with a heavy concentration in group activities. One of the teachers has all his female students line up and bend over just like the security guard from above so the male classmates can get their first real taste of what a beautiful, round and totally exposed Japanese ass looks like from the rear; they're even encouraged to touch and explore all they want and the student with the highest grades gets to use his mouth and cock instead of his hands!

In a touching scene that shows how National Nude day presses its influence onto the outcome of an innocent first date between two college students, we are shown a newly formed couple both red-faced with a double dose of embarrassment caused by it being their absolute first time alone with each other outside and also due to the fact that they are both totally naked going through a crash course in nudist training 101. Surprisingly, it's the boyfriend who is the shy one as he covers his crotch tightly with both hands but eventually his new girlfriend takes pity at his plight and encourages him to be more free with his body and this playful coercion is successful in getting him to expose his hardening cock. Conversations about this and that continue with the girl resting her hand on his exposed thigh and bit by bit, her fingers crawl closer to his hardon eventually lightly flicking and caressing it while they are talking. What happens next shows how being naked in public can put quite an acceleration on the natural outcome of the traditional dating process!

In another scene, we are shown three cute and totally naked village girls lounging on their porch looking at the equally nude passerbys and eventually one of their neighbors whom one of the girls has a crush on strolls by confident with his cock pointing out and they beckon him over. Two of the girls move aside so he can sit in between and the previously shy girl who always kept to herself decides to take the naked initiative and passionately to kisses him naked in public while her two friends decide to get in on the action and turn this two-some quickly into a steamy foursome on the porch in full daylight of anyone walking by.

We also see a group of more outgoing female friends who decide to use their nationwide nudist opportunity to allow the local stud free reign of their bodies in a bizarrely heavenly orgy outside on a grassy field. They start by taking turns playing with his throbbing erection while two girls each take turns kissing and licking every bit of his exposed skin and eventually when one of the nudist girls mounts him, the others line up to have their share and to experience the surreal joy of having sex outdoors.

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