Indecent Hospital Apology Subtitled

Japanese Schoolgirls Apologize Using Their Bodies

Traffic Accident Leads to Indecent Apology at Hospital
with English Subtitles

Although Japan doesn't see itself in quite the conundrum the USA does with sky-scraping hospital bills for the unlucky masses, taking on the role of a patient for an extended period does have its serious drawbacks. The bills may not be as shocking but the time off from work can be devastating for some. On top of that, other stresses--those of a more physical and carnal in nature are left unabated resulting in some truly irritable patients. Relief is wanted and hunted and when it's found, (temporary) deliverance from the lull of patient life is (temporarily) alleviated.

Today's theme builds upon this with four similar scenarios of hospitalized men who have had the bittersweet misfortune to have been on the receiving end of traffic accidents. Some involved scooters and others motorcycles, but the result of hospital admission remains the same. Fortunately, in the gift-gifting mecca that is Japan, visits from both parties--concerned guardians and the accident-causers is the norm.

The first scene shows one such example featuring a bed-ridden man with his young, supposed paramour giving him a totally innocent hand massage. Things remain gentle through and through but the ill-timed entrance of his wife changes things for the nefarious. Accusing him of fooling around yet again, she demands he show his fidelity to her by remaining flaccid as his paramour is instructed to not only strip naked, but to pleasure him via hand-play through his pants.

Of course, being a relatively healthy man in a setting such as this where relief is a rarity, things down there will take on a life of their own; it can't be helped. With the 'aha!' belched out of his wife's sardonic mouth, the increasingly raunchy acts of naughtiness are further escalated. What makes this truly bizarre is that it's the wife who wields the maestro's baton and decides when and how this incredibly impromptu hospital sex play fantasy will continue. Soon enough, both parties are stark naked while the wife with arms folded beneath her breasts watches the salacious show unfold. The scene concludes with her embracing her naked and flushed husband remarking how some things such as man's carnal nature just can't be helped. Perhaps this is the beginning of a unique and long-term threesome?

Further scenes continue the trend of going all the way in a Japanese hospital. The next one in particular combines exhibitionism with a sliver of medical fetishism as unlike the first scene that took place in a private room, this one is filmed in a standard four-person suite and yes, there are onlookers. The story is quite similar: a hospitalized man meets the reason for his stay--a timid schoolgirl out on a joyride--who came with flowers and a carefully rehearsed speech with a solemn apology theme. However, as soon as she entered, accusations ran riot and to 'prove herself', as our hospitalized friend interjects, she'll have to show off her physical prowess in the nude and in bed with him--right there and now.

The last scene--the fourth in this story-laden production of what occasionally transcends when Japanese nurses are simply too busy to take notice--is quite the shocker. The theme is unchanged but the voluptuous schoolgirl walking in clutching a large bouquet of flowers nearly drops them in surprise: the poor classmate she sideswiped on her scooter is being mounted by his older guardian! Noticing the intrusion, she quickly dislodges herself from the elegiacally half-flaccid penis of her charge before brusquely inviting the accident-causing schoolgirl over to swap places.

Chagrin with a double-dose of horror highlights the gamut of emotions this unfortunate Japanese schoolgirl feels as she finds herself stripping naked and joining him in the hospital bed. Unlike the first scene where the wife of the admitted patient was calling the shots, her classmate--a presumed virgin aside from the tender lessons provided by his hands-on guardian--takes charge and fans of rimjobs and anal play will be happy: not only does this final Japanese schoolgirl posses a near perfect hourglass figure capped by unsullied soft and round breasts, her derrière matches it in stride and is given a thorough tongue treatment that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Although the basic storylines of Traffic Accident Leads to Indecent Apology at a Hospital are pretty banal, the execution of what happens afterwords and where it happens is something else. Put yourself in the role of a downtrodden Japanese schoolgirl with a extra-large bouquet of fresh flowers (and these are not cheap!) visiting someone whom you affected in all the worst ways during a traffic accident. Now imagine only moments later due to the bossiness of an insatiable wife or the admitted patient himself, you're stark naked doing the naughty in a situation where a confused nurse or a seriously pissed off and overworked doctor could walk in at any moment. The thrill of doing something so impromptu and naughty in a semi-public place like this truly makes this production a treat to appreciate. Also, the story-based nature adds immensely to the on-screen action and the inclusion of full and exclusive English subtitles makes it simple to comprehend for non-Japanese speakers and intermediate learners alike.

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