Subtitled Japanese Naked College

A bizarre and emotional nudist schoolgirl drama with subtitles

Naked College
with English Subtitles

College in Japan is considered to be one of the last times young adults can truly be independent and to do whatever they want before they enter the real world of post-graduation employment working for meager pay for more hours than any sane person should actually commit to. College is also a place where certain cliques can form and groups of friends with like-minded ideals can conjugate and occasionally, really make a difference.

We are shown a very unique campus with that features a group of 'yankee' girls (yankee is a Japanese slang term for 'bad', 'ruffians', etc.). These girls, who never pay any attention in their classes (the ones they attend at least!) are the bane of any teacher who has the unfortunate responsibility of teaching them; they don't do any homework, they sleep and snore heavily, and forget about the honor code—they cheat on tests too.

The female dean gathers these trouble makers and threatens to expel them if they don't improve their attitudes and their grades. She also makes an off-hand comment that back in the day, bad students were made to go to class in the nude in order to set them straight. The group of rambunctious college students, hearing this are up for the challenge. They tell their milf dean that they'll spend the next of the semester totally naked if she joins them in their group nudist experiment. Hesitant at first, the dean who has a glass heart and truly wants these girls to succeed reluctantly agrees and begins to strip along with the yankee girls until the her meeting room is full of naked, female Japanese flesh.

The first day of their new nudist lives are quite a shock for their male classmates, but these girls take it in stride showing off their developed womanly charms any chance they can get. Even such mundane tasks like mopping the floor sets the male psyche on edge when it's done by a cute 20-year old stark naked Japanese girl who makes an effort to bend over way more than necessary to show off her sparkling beaver and asshole.

Nothing can phase these girls as we even see them crouching with their legs spread wide open on the ground outside their classroom eating lunch oblivious to the looks of any passerby’s including faculty! When one of their dis-tested teachers walks by a few of the girls do their best to up the level of uncomfortableness by casually rubbing each others wet clits in his direction while moaning playfully.

In another interesting scene--a CMNF or clothed male naked female scene—we see the stark naked milf dean with an amazing natural rack in a meeting with other senior faculty. They are not amused with the nudist experiment going on and the dean in her nude glory defends the girls and mentions that although their attitudes still needs some adjustment, their grades along with those of their male classmates have steadily been improving since the nudist experiment began. In fact, she is thinking of enforcing an all-nude policy for all female students from their first day of class until their graduation day 4 years later!

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