Bizarre Japanese Lesbian Play with a Mouth and Nose Focus


with English Subtitles


Read our exclusive interview with FETISH-JAPAN here!

FETISH-JAPAN is far away from an ordinary maker of Japanese AV.  What they produce is highly fetish-specific AV titles many which are mainly about certain unorthodox body parts (in an AV setting at least).

They even have entire subsections of their site devoted to 'throat-dick play' and tickling!  In fact, the latter is a section their prolific CEO films on his own and is rather proud of it.  When we met him earlier this year, he told us he'll prepare a special title for release on ZENRA so stay tuned for that.

FETISH-JAPAN also has a very burgeoning lesbian section on their site.  It's one of the more popular areas and titles are produced rather often.  Our first go-around with them featured two rather special clips that were both gross and humorous.  Both also were about fisting and what was shown was truly authentic!  Entire hands managed to fit into areas best left unexplored by such bulky objects.

Today we are showing a collection of Japanese lesbian clips mainly focused on the mouth and nose.  This time around it's FETISH-JAPAN VS ZENRA:  ORAL OFFICES.

Like MANIAC FISTING, this release is individual clips that are not connected (except the last two which feature the same actresses in sightly different roles).  A full-fledged story from start to finish is absent, but in its place is some of the most bizarre Japanese lesbian exploration in recent memory.

All feature great use of cheek retractors which can be considered the oral version of nose hooks.  They have been given a more prominent use in recent Japanese AV and the reasoning is another way to truly mess up the face of an actress.  It's another example of morphing beautiful into ugly and works rather well.

Some may be wondering why is there so much focus on oral play?  Isn't some good old-fashioned cunnilingus enough?  For some it may be, but FETISH-JAPAN wants to showcase unique types of play and their fast-rising popularity cannot be denied.  We asked about the heavy focus on oral and were told it's one of the final frontiers when exploring someone else's body.

You may have seen your favorite AV star naked many a time, but have you ever really took more than a glance at her teeth?  Have you ever fantasized about rubbing your tongue (or erection) all over them?  These are life's questions that plague the director of this series and he does his hardest to show what happens when the last vestige of decency is dropped.

The first scene features TSUBAKI KATOU & YUI KAWAGOE with the latter walking the former who acts as a very sexy and nearly naked K9 outside.  This was actually filmed in an abandoned town in Saitama Prefecture that FETISH-JAPAN kinda sorta owns (it's a long story).  We're huge fans of TSUBAKI KATOU and it's a shame we couldn't hear her speak due to her 'oral situation'.  Either way, we loved how submissive she acted and she surprisingly has really straight and beautiful teeth.

Snot and extreme saliva play was featured in the lengthy second scene starring AOI SHINO (MEGUMI SHINO) & MAYUKA MOMOTA.  MAYUKA took the role of a rabid receiver of mouth and nose liquids which AOI SHINO lovingly provided.  Fans of cute Japanese woman sucking, licking, and drinking each other's spit and liquid snot may best skip this title, but that would be a mighty shame.  What's more, those who skip viewing this scene will probably miss out on Ooky Mouth from South Park being acted out with real people.  You probably won't see this happen again!

The last two scenes were examples of interviews gone very, very wrong:  the boss of a dental supply company has her female job hopefuls try out cheek retractors leading into some surprising oral-themed lesbian play.  Things get extra salacious in the fourth scene which releases a lot of pent-up sexual frustration in the form of an intense four-person Japanese lesbian orgy right in the office!  These two scenes features SARA YURIKAWA (ARISU CHIGASAKI) , IORI SAKURABA, YUUKO OOHASHI, and the return of MAYUKA MOMOTA.

All FETISH-JAPAN release on ZENRA are released in HD and with our exclusive English subtitles treatment.  Expect more oddities from their vast archive of lesbian releases and more in good time.  Let ORAL OFFICES serve as a crash-course in strange lesbian mouth play and stay tuned for even more releases from this very active AV production company.


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