Tsubaki Katou - The Wife Next Door

When Bills Need to be Paid


Tsubaki Katou - The Wife Next Door
with English Subtitles


Fate has smiled down upon one blue collar worker when he finds out legendary JAV star Tsubaki Katou lives next door to him!  Being shy, but also very horny, he had to devise a way to ‘encounter’ her out in the open, but as luck would have it, garbage day held an unexpected opening:  Tsubaki lugging a near-bursting trash bag full of used lingerie and other private unmentionables including a suspicious number of used condoms.

Could she be ‘working’ from home…?

Playing a spy, he finds out some secrets Tsubaki would best left hidden and makes his move!

THE WIFE NEXT DOOR is far from the first time we've shown a movie starring TSUBAKI KATOU on ZENRA though this marks the first of several DREAMROOM featuring her in a mosaic-free environment.  Some you may have seen elsewhere and others...well, there's a first time for everything.

I won't sugarcoat our reviews and saying THE WIFE NEXT DOOR is an outstanding breakthrough release that should be considered a shoe-in for an AV OPEN award (if they allowed uncensored titles which probably would never happen) is far from honest.  This is an OK update.  It's neither fantastic nor is it horrible.  It's straight-forward, stars a beauty putting on quite a show in cramped domestic quarters, and also serves as a nice breather in our update schedule.  As it's wedged between some righteously hard updates, it makes sense to step back and breathe easily with a 'calm before the storm'-type movie.

The "my husband passed away so I need to sell my body in order to pay the bills" trope is one of the more used in JAV and we see it put forth again as the plot device in THE WIFE NEXT DOOR.  TSUBAKI's the wife and her neighbor, played by an actor with admittedly goofy hair, find themselves tangled in an encounter that starts off as an at-home brothel worker meeting a new customer, but after he accidentally drops her name, things go off rails.

Secrets are kept, promises made, and for our viewing pleasure, a pesky bit of stretchy latex is thrown to the curb for sex au naturel.

TSUBAKI KATOU can be an acquired taste.  I love her dearly and even I can admit she sometimes goes a bit overboard with the acting.  She definitely helps break the 'Japanese women = masochistic screaming fish' bedroom stereotype though for our fans who are just plain sick of the fakery of western porn may find TSUBAKI's bedside manners to be eerily similar in ways they came to ZENRA in order to avoid.

We know there are many of you who abhor mosaic, but love Japanese AV so let THE WIFE NEXT DOOR be something that keeps your gas tank filled for just a little while longer.  We've more like this and other titles sans mosaic that really push against the limits of adult film production.

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