Reimi Matsukawa Coitus Neverending

Bedside Manners of the Highest Order


Reimi Matsukawa Coitus Neverending
with English Subtitles


There's a lot you can hide with mosaic.  Even during the era of the mid 2000's when it was becoming dangerously thin (and sadly it's thicker again now for a variety of reasons...), you could still get away with quite a bit of mischief.  The most obvious example is fake nakadashi--where an actor 'pretends' he's orgasming into the woman, but in reality has safely worn a condom or really did enter sans protection, but never actually came.  Rather, camera trickery along with diluted hair conditioner was used in lieu of spunk.

Last summer we saw an obvious example of this with another title by VIRTUAL WAVE, the production company behind this update and others on ZENRA.  In that release starring a certain gyaru nurse, the final sex scene was gung-ho nakadashi, but thanks to having the mosaic lifted for all our releases by them, we clearly saw a very obvious condom being used.  The ejaculation also was as fake as the platinum blonde hair on the lady who lives down the hallway from me in my Sendai bachelor pad.

Older Japanese AV titles frequently faked it more than showing 'it' for real.  We even translated a very salient article about this about two years ago.  Thus, when we get a truckload of 'classic' AV titles that have had their mosaic removed, it's almost a joyous occasion to see not only what our favorite adult film stars of the past really looked like, but also to spot some very obvious goofs.

Fortunately for those who prefer their titles fakery-free, REIMI MATSUKAWA COITUS NEVERENDING should be acceptable.  It's an older title, sure.  We can't fake that.  This one was shot on or around 2003 though the actress had a small, but vibrant career as a jukujo (older woman) in a variety of titles after this one.  Here she's shown in three pretty decent scenes having sex again and again.  And yes, the mosaic is gone, but the insertion and the cumshots are very, very real.  We made sure of it.

Sometimes older titles leave a lot to be desired and other times such as COITUS NEVERENDING, we found ourselves becoming unexpectedly aroused.  In REIMI's case, it wasn't her looks per say.  Granted, she's not a total knockout, but she's definitely above average.  Rather for her, it's the bedside demeanor.  She somehow manages to act very innocent yet salacious in a way that's really hard to emulate.  From the threesome that commenced almost immediately in the first scene to the lewd handjob that kicked off the final of the trio, she knew how to make men go from stereotypically dominant to whimpering masochists in dire need of coitus.

We haven't heard too much about REIMI before or after this release.  Her name doesn’t turn up too many results and the only thing we found is the aforementioned short career as a jukujo actress.  However, she comes off as someone who has had a lot of experience working in Japan's water trade and knows all the best ways to wrap men around finger.  COITUS NEVERENDING is far from the standard submissive affair that summarizes the bulk of Japanese AV.

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