Sperm Injection Starring Mana Iizuka

Japanese Stripper Finds Time to do AV


Sperm Injection Starring Mana Iizuka
with English Subtitles


Believe it or not, Japan has a strip club scene.  Granted, it's not huge and nowhere near as common as clubs are in the west, but there are venues where distinguished gentlemen can see attractive woman dance while dropping clothes.

They can even get private lap dances featuring the infamous 'ura menu' (secret menu).

Nevertheless, being on one's feet dancing from sunset to sunrise is a tough gig.  The pay may be pretty good and tips can be amassed very quickly if you're an in demand private dancer, but it's incredibly taxing.  Being a dancer requires a ton more fortitude than other nocturnal professions such as hostessing  and working in brothels.  A hostess remains seated most of the time, but her mind and mouth are working overtime and a brothel worker also uses her mouth aplenty, but usually it's mainly for sucking on stiff objects.

A stripper--especially when she's dancing in private--needs to work everything she's been blessed with in a sultry synchronization that takes ages to get right.  Fortunately for MANA IIZUKA, she's at the level where dancing in the nude pays the bills and then some.

However, like many other young women in Tokyo, it's not enough.  She wants more and doesn't mind exploring a kinkier side of her while cameras are rolling.  For her, one fine day a few years back saw her dip into the welcoming waters of Japan's bustling adult video industry.

MANA IIZUKA was a big name for a short while some time ago.  She may not have the largest breasts or the world's best figure, but what she lacks in a few pesky physical areas she makes with by being totally passionate and committed to dealing and receiving in all things erotic.

In other words, MANA IIZUKA not only performs in bed with finesse that's pure and authentic, she puts on a hell of a good show.

Doing a search for her now would lead to a somewhat vast library of bondage titles.  In fact, her AV career mainly was in the realm of harder titles which are past the limit of safety as to what we can show at ZENRA.  MANA IIZUKA also starred in some 'softer' releases as well such as UNIFORMED SPERM INJECTION, a short and sweet title by VIRTUAL WAVE.

Like all previous releases by them, UNIFORMED SPERM INJECTION is another very rare example of a Japanese AV that originally had mosaic, but was re-released without it thanks to someone being smart and keeping those master tapes in a safe yet accessible place.

Of course nowadays there's a ton of uncensored titles being released, but there's still something amazingly salient about viewing a title that originally had censorship in its raw state.  The camera angles are all different and we know not everyone's a fan of those extended super close-ups.

UNIFORMED SPERM INJECTION packed a lot in spite of its brief 71 minute run-time.  The scenes (at least their openings and closing) felt a bit rushed, but MANA was a good sport.  This production was also featured one of the earlier appearances of Japan AV's eternal surfer/actor YOSHIYA MINAMI who still remains active to this day as a popular male talent.  When studios need a good-looking guy to have sex with one or multiple women, he's on the short-list of dependable male talent that's on speed-dial.  

Unfortunately YOSHIYA MINAMI only had a clothed role in this release that began on an obviously fake train set (which I'm sure hardcore AV fans have seen many a time) and continued in a more private location.  His role was simply to pleasure an eager MANA IIZUKA with a suspiciously robust arsenal of sex toys.

All of the actual sex in this release was done by HOSAKA, another AV actor who has been in the business forever.  HOSAKA's actually a nice guy in real life and also is a really good magician (we're not making this up!).  However, his raspy voice can take some getting used to and we apologize for anyone who wishes he talked just a bit less.

We can't say for sure if we'll feature more MANA IIZUKA.  What we can say is our time with her in this release was special and adding English subtitles to it was very fun.  MANA seems naturally cheerful and also rather salacious and we hope you find much sexual bliss from watching her 'dance in bed'.

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