Hiyori Shiraishi in Bondage

Leather Clad Japanese AV Star Doesn't Bow Down to Teasing Uncensored with Subtitles


Hiyori Shiraishi in Bondage
with English Subtitles


Hiyori Shiraishi is not a household name--even for the most devout of fans of AV stars of this modern era.  Perhaps some years back during the early years of the new millennium, this would be otherwise.  Back during the halcyon years of Japanese adult video, truly anything was possible and with huge production values and a willingness by studios to do nearly anything and pay well for it, hordes of ambitious young Japanese women lined up for their chance to become bona-fied adult video stars.

Hiyori Shiraishi was one of these and fortunately, she also is one of the few who actually has more than a pitiful modicum of charisma.  She also fortunately also comes from before the era that vocal fry for women still wasn't as much as a hot topic.  Hiyori Shiraishi looks like the girl next door who is a bit naughty and also has a smooth silky tone to her speaking that hints at being a bit more learned than your average Japanese adult film star.

Unfortunately, today's update at ZENRA is not a title that features her showcasing her academic abilities.  Naughty educational AV aficionados may be a bit crestfallen to digest that.  However, we do get to see her taking on both a submissive role, a dominant role, and something kinda sorta in between.

What's funny is even when she's supposed to act submissive such as in the first scene featuring her in a rather revealing florescent green leather getup, hints of defiance still find ways to surface.  Hiyori Shiraishi is not one who is an easy pushover such as many, many other Japanese AV stars.  She stands her ground even when performing double fellatio while simultaneously giving a lewd interview to an off-camera host who seems a bit too chatty given her dire oral circumstances.

Sex is definitely something this up-and-coming (at the time at least as this title was filmed early on in her somewhat short AV career) actress takes stride in both on the giving and receiving end.  The lewd leather outfit returns again in the final scene which is filmed mainly in POV.  There, you in camera form chat up Hiyori about her interests while keeping the theme indecent.  Talk of naughty play and feet worship ignites something in her and soon enough, tendencies of dominant teasing come into being with Hiyori taking the lead.

Femdom play is definitely where Hiyori Shiraishi shines.  She loves being in charge and we see the best she has to offer in this well fleshed out final scene.  From extreme focus on high heels doing things they shouldn't be doing near erections to highly focused bouts of oral sex, it offers nearly everything.

It also should be noted this production, like others from VIRTUAL WAVE, a now defunct studio were released abroad totally uncensored.  Originally filmed with mosaic in mind, all forms of everyone's favorite method of pixelation are totally absent.  This is pretty unique given the fact that these titles were originally filmed in Japan for the Japanese market by a Japan-headquarted company which is in stark contrast to other uncensored productions filmed for Japanese audiences, but by companies located outside of Japan.  Thus, in all the VIRTUAL WAVE productions featured on ZENRA (and there will be about 40 more!), expect great angles that show uncensored naughtiness, but do not zoom in to microscopic levels on genitalia.  Some of you may prefer that, but sometimes too close isn't all that desirable.

Featuring full and exclusive English subtitles crafted by ZENRA for ZENRA, this is a title you are apt to find nowhere else.  Enjoy it and enjoy Hiyori Shiraishi.  We'll be seeing more of her again sometime in the future.

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