Japanese Nudist Violinist Subtitled

An ENF and CMNF musical recital taken to the limit

Emiri the Violinist ~The Route to Stardom via Martyrdom~
with English Subtitles

Being a classical musician is not an easy gig no matter where you live. More and more people turn to digital means of aural appreciation leaving the truly unique music-makers in the dust. Of course, modern forms of live entertainment still thrive, but today's demand for a professional French horn player is nowhere near what it was in a different era. Even more 'accessible' instruments such as the violin--featured in today's production--are not incredibly in demand. It's a melancholy thought to parlay, but today's youth may lack the understanding to differentiate between an actual string instrument and something cooked up on a computer.

This is all bad, bad news for Emiri Himeno.

Emiri lives and breathes violin. It's been her passion for more than half her life and she has performed in orchestras both large and small. She's even done a recital or two and her dream is to perform another one. She's older now and certainly wiser and daily practice with her violin has further improved her bravura on the strings. She wants to stand in front of a large audience--thousands strong she admitted in an interview--and perform a solo like she's never done before.

Her wish is answered with today's production.

Well, there a few caveats though:

"First, you have to be stark naked when you perform."
" You will continue performing even when your audience is touching you."
" Men can tease you while you continue your performance."
" Men can have sex with you while continuing your performance, but you cannot orgasm."

Tough rules given by the martinet off-camera director. Emiri is unshaken by these audacious requirements to achieve her dream and surprisingly agrees with the time-honored Japanese 'ganbarimasu' ("I'll try my best.") and then it's on.

Pulling back slightly, it's best to describe Emiri Himeno: definitely taller than average, but blessedly lithe. She's one of the few Japanese women on the shy end of thirty who leaves her hair sans coloring. Pale skin meets sable roots is her selling point along with naturally long and slender fingers perfect for finding the perfect place to apply pressure on the wooden instrument's neck. Emiri also possesses quite the lexicon. Those without any knowledge of Japanese may not pick it up, but learners surely will notice a word or two (or more) that they lack familiarity with. She's learned and it shows.

Emiri, the violinist, is about to experience a challenge like no other, but before her huge recital, the director takes her outside for a warm-up. In a public park somewhere within Tokyo, she slides a remote control vibrator deep inside her and begins an impromptu performance of Air on the G String while a small, but dedicated crowd forms. Her violin's case is facing inwards hence the guilt of not giving a tip is certainly a plus. With avid appreciators of classical violin gathered around this kinda-sorta Japanese AV star, the fun with the vibrator begins...

...and unfortunately, due to Emiri's predisposition of displaying emotion while performing, the effects of intimate buzzing in her womanhood do not seem that apparent. She shakes a bit more than normal and there was one moment where she almost appeared to loose her footing by performing an out-of-place half-squat. Otherwise, her remote vibrator test of indecency was ho-hum. Fortunately, the soundtrack was top-notch.

A further interview in a hotel room is carried out followed by a warming up sex session while the director continues talking to her about her recital. Emiri may not use her voice when performing, but she goes all out during coitus with caterwauling verging on nonstop. She takes it up a notch and then some.

Emiri dreamed of performing in front of a magnificently large audience such as what was assembled for the Stark Naked Orchestra. Unfortunately, that did not happen. The audience was cozier in numbers and equally as appreciative for classic music however. All men and all in suits numbering perhaps around two dozen they found comfy positions in their fold-out chairs to watch a gracile classically-trained Japanese violinist perform a career-defining recital all on her own.

True fans of classical music may scoff at her selection of more popular tunes. Air on the G String is played by Emiri throughout the production along with a few other well-known pieces, but please take note that your average viewer sadly does not have much knowledge of this legendary genre of music. Also realize there's only so much her brain can focus on while engaging in intercourse with not one, but groups of men at the same time.

Of course, before the grand finale featuring nearly nonstop sex with a lineup of mute men masturbating while waiting their turn, Emiri 'warms up' by stripping naked. Those who enjoy ENF and CMNF situations (embarrassed naked female and clothed male naked female respectively) have something truly wonderful awaiting you in the third scene where a visibly flushed Japanese violinist strips down to her birthday suit for a nudist performance like no other.

The title, Emiri The Violinist -The Route to Stardom via Martyrdom- is beyond fitting. Her decision to star in a Japanese AV movie as herself--a professional violinist yearning for fame--begs the question as to whether this will truly be a career-defining moment or a career-destroying disaster. Working full-time as a classical instrumentalist is a tough line of employment. Slots in professional orchestras are scarce and her dalliance with the adult side of filming may come back to bite her in the butt. Hopefully not though. For what she's been through and then have her dreams snatched away at the last moment would be oh so cruel.

Then again, there was that final scene consisting of nothing but a close up Emiri's flushed face covered with semen from over a dozen men. She half-heartedly was strumming 'noises' on her violin and in the bottom right corner of the screen was a clip from earlier showing her performing in the same concert hall in a stunning flowing dress. The song? Air on the G String of course and she played it pitch perfect in stark contrast to her splattered semen finale of a recital

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