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Stark Naked Orchestra
with English Subtitles

Classical music has been a staple listening requirement for decades—if not even longer. The concept of dressing up and going to see the symphony in all its woodwind, percussion, and maestro glory is a past time in most parts of the world. Even in Japan, in larger cities, many orchestras can be found from small local groups in community centers to gigantic concert halls. Until now they all had one thing in common: everyone wore proper evening attire. That, however, is about to change with the introduction of the first annual Japanese Star Naked Orchestra.

Calling this an adult film production my be somewhat inaccurate due to the fact that although there is tons of nudity and stripping, there isn't really anything sexual (sorry folks! If you want to see a more 'sexual' take on the Japanese Stark Naked Orchestra, look below!). We are first greeted by these fully clothed (for the time being) Japanese musicians as they get off the bus and enter the hotel. Some are nervous, some are loquacious, and others are a mix of both. In fact, most are a mix of both because truly, if you were only a few days away from stepping onto a stage in a real concert hall in your birthday suit in front of hundreds of strangers who will be intently staring at your naked exposed charms while you concentrate on playing your instrument, you'd most likely be a bit apprehensive.

The first dress rehearsal—well actually using dress is a bit of a misnomer as the girls are already practicing in the buff to get ready for the big nudist night coming up shows us that some of these Japanese girls are still a bit nervous and need more practice. Scolded by the still-clothed conductor who will only strip on the main night, they agree that they need to really get their hearts into it practicing or the naked orchestra performance quality will without a doubt suffer...

...and practice they do! When the final rehearsal comes and goes, we see these naked Japanese girls in a new-found state of elation and we see this mindset fortunately continue all the way to the main event which actually consists of two acts performed in front of a very large crowd of classical music-loving spectators.

The first act of the Stark Naked Orchestra is actually performed while clothed so if you are not a classical music fan (shame on you!), you can skip ahead if you would like. At the beginning of the second act though, each Japanese girl lines up in front of the stage and one by one they remove all their clothes following by slowly turning around in order to show all of their most private areas to the crowd of music-lovers who anxiously await the continuation of the symphony (it seems they are rather unphased by the sudden group nudity). One by one they strip until it's only the female conductor who slowly removes her garments leaving her naked as well before she turns her back to the crowd as the now-naked Japanese female musicians return to their respective instruments and continue onward in their nudist classical musical odyssey.

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The Other Side of Stark Naked Orchestra
with English Subtitles

Stark Naked Orchestra, featuring nude girls who play a full symphony, was wacky and fun For fans of this series. Here's "the other side" of the story: the tale of how the girls got ready for this great event, living together for a week (mostly in the nude), practicing their instruments and talking about their feelings of nervousness, of how they spent their time such as using a "whipping boy" to relieve stress, giving sexual favors to the camera staff, being groped while playing, etc.

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