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Hitomi Kitagawa stars as a stark naked maid

Hitomi Kitagawa Cleans Naked
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Although Japan is known for devising some wickedly bizarre and almost occultish heterodox slivers of sensual adult entertainment and packaging them in an inhumanely cheerful sumptuous production, not every lurid idea of kink is of cunning devising. A good example of strange erotica that has emerged well outside the vacillating at-times welcome and occasionally not so much Japanese borders is the sex machine industry which has roots in the west and still has not made firm footing in the land where there are more political parties than people.

Even more mundane things that the Japanese are well-regarded for such as combining nudism and erotica in pre-packaged sanguine services have seen some nascent activity from other regions. For example, naked maid cleaning services. Assuming you live in a densely populated metropolitan hub, open up any classifieds and you'll most likely see these types of services that offer to clean your abode while wearing only a smile. Of course, touching is totally off the limits and non-residents are generally not allowed to join you but looking at a beautiful stark naked woman while she bends over with her most private areas open and exposed while dusting those pesky corners where walls meet is quite a visual epicurean treat.

It would be unthinkable to assume that this type of service would never find its way into the realm of Japanese AV where nudism and kinky acts fit hand in hand like a well-oiled jigsaw puzzle of sensual erotica. And with more girls looking for easier employment to hold them over to they find Mr. Right and settle into the lives of housewife-infused normalcy (though some choose to lead strange and bizarre nudist lives to the enjoyment of their otherwise non-stop working stoic husbands), the suspense and solid money that is working while in one's birthday suit is almost too good to pass up.

Today, what happens when a Japanese maid chooses to go the extra mile to get the golden goose of paydays brings avarice and voyeuristic kink to a new level. Introducing Hitomi Kitagawa, the Japanese nudist maid who stars in this almost entirely POV-based production.

Opening up with a non-descript hard at work Japanese office lady taking a call who identifies herself as working for a "haken gaisha" (a dispatch company consisting of 'staff' who are are hired on a contractual basis that do not have the same standing as true employees. For those interested in the rise of 'haken gaisha' and 'haken' employees that mirrors the depressing fall of true full-time positions, do a search on this marginally unsettling phenomenon with any search engine -- it's modern Japan's economic Achilles' heal) takes a call from a slightly timid male caller asking about their services that he perused on their website. In particular, the domestic cleaning service has gleaned his attention and he confirms with the machine-like Japanese receptionist that upon arrival, the cleaning maid will strip nude and perform her activities wearing nothing at all--or in her words: "zenra."

Visibly excited at the prospect of having a totally naked Japanese maid clean his house, this caller's voice becomes more and more licentiously chirpy in that classical timid cherry-boy (Japanese male virgin) type of way but makes the mistake of asking if there are any other 'services' that these nudist maids perform that are not written on their website. The office lady taking call informs him in the tone of a mild martinet that they do not perform any type of 'seiteki' ("sexual") services. Just like their western naked maid programs, the Japanese nudist maid is a no-touch look-only affair. Nevertheless, our excited male caller decides to make a reservation for the special 2-day weekend course (perhaps to test his luck...) and details are exchanged.

As the conversation fades out, the anything but idyll scene of a cluttered, pell-mell apartment with a POV view of a clock a few minutes before striking 9:00AM. Mildly annoyed at her tardiness (this is Japan after-all where a 9:00AM meeting commences at 8:55AM at the absolute latest), our horny male client twiddles his thumbs in anticipation. Finally, the quintessential double-tone Japanese door chime that can be found in almost every apartment and house in the nation rings and our client springs into action. At his door stands Hitomi Kitagawa in all her clothed glory: wearing black leather Japanese schoolgirl shoes with matching high socks along with a demure khaki skirt at knee level which contrasts greatly with the low-cut faded pink long sleeve top exposing some coruscating heart-shaped necklaces that frame ample cleavage. To top it all off is her attractive round face that surprisingly is masked by a mild vizard of boredom. Agreed, cleaning isn't always fantastically fun but work is work and it's always a good thing to make the best of it.

Although suffering from a tad bit of work-related ennui, as soon as Hitomi Kitagawa is invited inside, she adopts a perkier, more cheerful and convivial personality as she meets her happy male caller who whisks her into his absurdly messy apartment. With empty plastic bottles and rubbage all over the floor and table, he truly is leaving this soon-to-be nudist maid with quite a gargantuan load of busywork to complete before her day is over.

Nevertheless, with a face full of mirth to match her extra large Japanese breasts, Hitomi Kitagawa asks if she can 'change' in another room and in a sneaky voyeuristic take on the erotic, we see her slowly strip down out of her day clothes and into her majestic personal birthday suit.

Once totally naked, Hitomi Kitagawa pulls out a beige-colored maid hat out of her bag, rests her bare Japanese derriere and with the aid of a folding mirror, turns herself from simply an at-home nude Japanese girl into a nudist on-the-clock Japanese maid. With uniform complete, this busty beauty with incredible above average perky breasts, enters the living room where our client is waiting and attempts to cover her bashful nudity with a hand over her natural Japanese bush and another covering a breast (they are too big for both to be covered). Deciding that the best course of action is to first throw out all the litter dotting the room (convenience store plastic bento trays from days past still reeking of soy sauce and assorted bottles both sugary and alcohol), she grabs an extra large garbage bag and gets to work while being eagerly watched.

Once the initial garbage has been collected and processed by this nudist Japanese maid, the next course of action involves wiping down all the dusty services and for all those butt fetishists out there, this is your time to shine. With soft and slightly plump Japanese ass in the air, Hitomi Kitagawa wipes down tables, counters and more totally unconcerned that her womanly slit and virgin Japanese anus are on total display for a horny client whom she has only been in the acquaintance with for such a short time. Can this entire cleaning affair truly remain platonic?

After counters and table tops are wiped down to a sparkling shine, Hitomi Kitagawa moves on to window cleaning, the bane for all cleaning staff, and with her large Japanese breasts pressed against tempered glass, she wipes them down with the same cheerful bravura that she employed shortly ago with her all naked garbage collection assignment. Here also is the first time a true conversation develops between this nudist maid and our horny client. Situated on the floor and looking up at exposed nudity, Hitomi Kitagawa mentions that she is pretty shy with him being down there and he apologizes. Fortunately, rather than whisking him away to another room to watch on like a lecherous voyeur, she crouches down to reach eye level with her big breasts cushioned against her soft bare arms and casually mentions that this is her first day on the job hence her lack of temerity.

In a somewhat sweet scene of casual dalliance between nudist maid and leering client, Hitomi Kitagawa teases him that he has been doing nothing but looking at her the entire time. A reply isn't necessary since having a totally naked beautiful busty Japanese girl at one's residence doing the chores you dread to do is indeed an idyllic heaven on earth situation. Nevertheless, mistakes happen and nudist cleaning novice Hitomi Kitagawa made the startling find that amongst the clothes that she put in the washing machine, the television remote control also found its way in and although shining with an almost blinding radiance, it has become little more than a glittering paperweight. Surprisingly, our friend via POV doesn't seem to mind--after all, the natural view at the moment far exceeds anything his puny television can ever dream to output.

With the initial cleaning and laundry business taken care of, Hitomi Kitagawa dons a pink apron and cooks lunch. Today, the menu is Japanese curry and rice which our client complements on graciously noting how sweet and delicious it is. It certainly doesn't help that with a heavy dose of salt (which he discovers by accidentally biting down on the plastic cap of the salt shaker that she mistakenly dropped into the curry mix) and full perky breasts on display that his culinary opinions have been dulled quite a bit. Nevertheless, convivial and occasional maladroit Hitomi Kitagawa ensures him that she put her heart into making him curry and that along with her swaying breasts is enough to subconsciously convince him to ignore the searing sensation of sodium coursing through his veins.

Post dinner in that crepuscular time where bellies are full but drowsiness has not yet cast it spell, we are shown Hitomi Kitagawa still in her nudist glory lounging on a couch watching TV and sporadically laughing. The program, although entertaining has captured only her attention as our client has been focused solely on her large, perky breasts. Looking over, he mentions that he is hungry and she asks if he would like more curry since he mentioned earlier that that is his favorite dish. With a slight correction, he remarks that when he meant hungry, he wasn't referring his culinary desire of mastication but rather the more carnal use of the word. Looking at him with doe eyes, she tells him that she is not supposed to touch or let clients touch her but since he has been well-behaved all day, he can feel her soft breasts if he would like.

With the invitation given, our salacious client eagerly starts feeling up her soft breasts and Hitomi Kitagawa tries to stifle a gamut of pleasurable moaning but with the clarion call sounded, all bets are off as to what will happen next. Feeling up her breasts although pleasurable for both parties is just a tiny step in the long and winding road that is amorous foreplay and with the haste of a cheetah in heat, our client removes his pants and places Hitomi Kitagawa's soft hands upon his turgid member asking for some reciprocal kinky pleasure. Hesitant at first, she informs him in a timid voice only Japanese girls have truly mastered that although this is usually not allowed, she'll make a special exception for him just for today and with that, her open mouth and slick tongue meet his hardon in concert for a blowjob that sends him beyond cloud nine into truly uncharted territories of animalistic extremis bliss.

The next day of this two-day weekend cleaning package doesn't come soon enough for our fellated client whom is seen intensely staring at his clock yet again a few minutes before nine. Soon enough, the door chimes and he bolts to the door for another day his kinky voyeuristic past-time of watching a busty nudist Japanese maid clean his pad.

Interestingly, much of the first-time jitters that Hitomi Kitagawa confessed to in her initial day of work evaporated like thin misty spray pumped outside some of the more upscale Japanese office buildings during the summer months; as soon as our client has reached the entrance of his apartment, the doorknob turns on its own and fully clothed (for the time being) Hitomi Kitagawa invites herself in. Recall that as a contractual worker with an obligation to perform a task with a monetary reimbursement in the presence of a valued customer -- ie, a customer service job, Hitomi Kitagawa's temeritous entrance is rather shocking from a Japanese perspective. Cheerful, chirpy, convivial is fine but charging into your client's private residence like an banshee running from an even larger banshee is a minor faux pas. Luckily for her, it goes unnoticed.

With a quick strip down and the donning of her beige French maid bonnet, Hitomi Kitagawa goes right into scrubbing the floors though this time with buckets more of indomitable confidence and unlike before, does not mind that her horny client remains in the room with her closely ogling her exposed private parts. Cleaning can burn off quite the calories--and watching even more when you are a sexually functional male gazing at a beautiful nudist Japanese girl tidy up your man-cave and with the striking of noon, curry is served yet again by this perky breasted Japanese beauty with a heart-melting smile.

In an example of going the extra kilometer, post-lunch bubbly stark naked Hitomi Kitagawa offers her belly-full-of-curry customer a special 'one-time-only' (as she puts it massage) massage and they transition from his makeshift living/dining room to the bedroom with him face down and her still totally naked crouched above him kneading his sore back again reminding him that this usually off limits so keep it under wraps.

Although a massage is offered, the reality is simply a few carefree pressured motions on his back before Hitomi Kitagawa requests for him to flip over so she can work his chest and arms. Fortunately for us and him through the magic of POV, we get to relish the majestic site of Hitomi Kitagawa's totally exposed large Japanese breasts as she smiles while working some massage magic all the while being complimented on her above average massage therapy skill. 'I studied extra hard during the training sessions', she replies when asked about how she is so skilled at providing this blend of pseudo-therapeutic relaxation.

Predictability, the site of this nudist maid performing an extra special act on our client's arms while resting her totally exposed bare mound on his boxer clad crotch results in him getting physically aroused down south. "Tatteru...", she says in a mildly chagrined tone ("It's standing...) before granting the one wish our client can only dream of ever happening and that being 'seconds'. Warning him that both last night and today are 'tokubetsu'--special--she positions herself above his tight boxer shorts and prepares to finish up her massage quickie with a different kind of quickie--that of a more licentious kind.

A handjob flawlessly segues into a blowjob that climaxes both metaphorically and of course, literally with a titjob as Hitomi Kitagawa looks on with big, innocent doe eyes as her client viciously orgasms over her soft, flawless breasts. With another ejaculation out of the way, she can finally get back to tidying up his apartment but unexpectedly, the next scene already shows her dressing early and getting ready to depart. Now, either that massage quickie from earlier took a lot longer than it seemed or she is bailing considerably ahead of time for that other naughty rule that our client has broken: don't fool around with the staff.

Heeding no part in rules and regulations, our client sallies into the room where panty clad Hitomi Kitagawa is working on her bra and confesses his love and amorous desires to her while eagerly groping her big breasts. Reminding him that this is not part of her job, he continues his one-sided battle and with carmine-etched refulgent lust and luck on his side, she parts her hands and lets him yet again toy with her soft love cushions. However, unlike last night, light breast play doesn't end with a kinky blowjob with a blaring, obstreperous television going on in the background. Now, with desires truly naked and unmasked, our horny friend succeeds in going all the way for a home run with a beautiful nudist girl ranked well above the tiny creaks and streams of stagnant normalcy that he usually has access to.

Once the love fest has run its course with a nudist maid revoked of her bonnet and with legs spread eagle and most intimate bits not only exposed but sleek with juices from salacious lovemaking, the scene transitions to a more demure, fully dressed Hitomi Kitagawa standing in the entrance of his apartment. There, in a formal, almost machine-like tone with a hint of elegiac melancholy, she thanks him for using her company's out-call maid services and hopes that he will use them again in the future. Although the lovemaking between them was truly spectacular, the question of whether it was natural or something else fogs the air like a summer traffic jam in Shibuya and with this, the emotions of Hitomi Kitagawa, first-time nudist maid signing off on her maiden assignment with visual traces of regret and confusion pound home with a thud--literally as soon as she exits, our now crestfallen client is shown kneeling down and pounding his floor in audible frustration and regret. Was it love? Or lust?

Two weeks pass and the phone chimes at the nudist maid cleaning agency. Yet again, we are shown a nondescript Japanese office lady from the neck down taking a call in her perfect robotic yet helpful tone. The caller is our friend from the previous encounter wondering if he can make an appointment for nude cleaning with Hitomi Kitagawa. 'Unfortunately', replies the receptionist, 'Ms. Kitagawa is on vacation at the moment and we're not sure when she will return.' Heartbroken that his lecherous actions with her that day a fortnight ago drove her to leave her job, he suddenly throws down the phone and begins ripping up pieces of tissues in his already-cluttered bedroom wondering if there is any way to remedy this sexual imbroglio.

Looking at his clock, it's yet again a few minutes before nine in the morning and unexpectedly, the door chimes and as if in a lucid dream, he bolts out of his pell-mell bedroom and on his doorstep eager to come in is a sanguine fully-clothed Hitomi Kitagawa. She explains that today is her day off and admits to having kinky desires to continue their dalliance by expressing her fondness of him. Reminding him that today is also 'special', she steps inside and forgoes the nudist cleaning for a nude massage of her supine horny client turned boyfriend with extra focus on his exposed turgid hardon.

Passionate no holds lovemaking ensues without even the slightest lilliputian inkling of guilt and many sexual positions that were surely not covered in Japanese nudist maid training were performed by Hitomi Kitagawa on her POV customer and now lover. The question of where their romance will go and if she truly returned to her nudist maid gig is up in the air but the fact that she seemed truly joyous to engage in sultry coitus with her first customer shows that nudist cleaning may be her calling after all.

Hitomi Kitagawa Cleans Naked goes beyond the simple setup that many adult productions employ with cookie cutter frequency and adds a touch of emotions that go well beyond the norm. On top of scenes of carnal lust, there is a burgeoning romance building between a shy, almost reluctant nudist maid and her horny client who at first only saw her for her (excellent) exposed body but truly developed feelings for her as the hours passed.

However, the biggest question remains is if she will still clean his apartment! Some years back, there was an American sitcom with a similar setup of the protagonist sleeping with the housekeeper which ended up with her still coming over for her regular appointments but not performing anything under her formal job description yet still expecting to be paid. Will Hitomi Kitagawa and her new-found beau follow the same path of avarice or can she and her lover separate cleaning from coitus?

Hitomi Kitagawa cleans naked features full and exclusive English subtitles.

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