Women of the Japanese Hot Springs

Edo Period Yuna Female Attendants Return with Subtitles

Women of the Hot Springs
with English Subtitles

Bathhouses or 'onsen' have been a common fixture in Japan for..forever really. If you look back into hundreds or even thousands of years of Japanese history, communal bathing has been mentioned. Even today where a massive percentage of people dwell not in traditional, large, open-aired Japanese houses in beautiful landscapes breathing in the sweet, clean country air but rather live in the massive beehive-like concrete jungles that dot the current landscape like eye-sores, communal bathing is still a common occurrence.

Although nowadays most onsen are segregated by gender, there still exist those in the less-populated countryside where men and women bathe and relax together under one roof totally in the nude. The concept isn't new but what's going on with this particular onsen is: since the local population has been so devastated over the last few decades due to many families' sons moving to the city to find a better paying job, work on the farms has been ground to a halt. Although many (beautiful) woman remain, there are no men around to create new families. Thus, the town and the owners of this onsen have created a weekly singles events at their co-ed bathing house and the lure of meeting a cute, naked Japanese lady with an open-mind, a huge house, and a gigantic plot of land have been tempting men who have fled to the cities to return home and dip their feet into the sweet country life once again—or at the very least, have a swingingly fun time with the naked girl(s) they always had a crush on before they moved!

We are greeted to scene after scene of cute country girls in various states of undress from wearing a thin, pink robe to wearing nothing at all as they fawn over, wash, and play with their new male co-bathers bodies with special attention given to their hard cocks which must be softened before they enter the hot spring bath and the only way this can be done is by pleasuring them till they satisfyingly orgasm.

With men so scarce in this region, we are even gifted with the visual delight of seeing multiple girls spend time with one guy-- a true heaven on earth! Two Japanese girls in their birthday suits with round, perky breasts on display sit in between their favorite man of the day with his legs spread wide so they can playfully toy with his hardening manhood while talking about the possible future life they will have together and how much fun it will be to have not one but two always-naked wives servicing his every need.

Couples form pretty quickly in this successful attempt to lure men from the cities and even on the first night together, we soon see people retiring in two's and three's to their rooms for some more nighttime action such as a tender handjob given by a very homely Japanese beauty in a purple yukata while gazing tenderly into her lover's eyes throughout the whole process from the first stroke all the way to his eruption on her hand and her face.

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