CFNM Masturbation Support Cafe

Masturbating for Japanese Schoolgirls with Subtitles

Japanese Schoolgirls Masturbation Support Cafe
with English Subtitles

A popular past-time of the Japanese schooling system are its club activities. Quite different from its western counterparts where students are encouraged to join a variety of clubs and sports with activities spread throughout the year, the Japanese club lifestyle is one of regularity. Nearly everyday after-school clubs and sports meet...all year round. Whether you're in the English club or on the Rugby team, rain or shine, snow or hail, there's a meeting after the final bell rings.

Some clubs are run by leaders with more finesse than your average Japanese student commands. Some even have ample amounts of financial gravitas to turn their enjoyment into something they actually get paid for. And some simply like to watch men masturbate.

Welcome to the after-school Masturbate Support Cafe where a rowdy group of Japanese schoolgirls in decreasingly short skirts sit up close and watch you masturbate to a sticky conclusion all over the classroom floor. The cafe is setup like an actual cafe-meets-hostess-club with a chirpy hostess at the door who dutifully introduces the menu system this anything but normal cafe employs. 'Courses' are split into session times ranging from twenty minutes to an hour plus a nominal fee to pick out your schoolgirl companion instead of being randomly assigned one.

Unlike hostess and kyabakura clubs though, drinks are on the house. With the only staples on tap being coffee, orange juice (ordered by most patrons for some strange, unexplained reason), and black tea, selections are sparse but the combination of them being offered gratis, complaints are hard to come by.

The theme of the Masturbation Support Cafe club is all in the name: men with raging erections and a fetish for schoolgirls visit and relieve themselves while their pert temporary uniform-clad companion(s) watch. Touching, as explained by the hostess in the first scene, is off the table though she later admits that some girls do offer some off-menu services on the side...

While watching and commenting on all things penis, these attentive Japanese schoolgirls view their male companions as they furiously stroke away in various states of undress. Some go about it Puritan-style with just their fly unzipped and member hanging out while others strip down to their birthday suits. In fact, there even was one bizarre customer who walked into the classroom totally naked! His weirdness was only one-upped by a flexible bottomless client who stood up backwards on the flimsy wooden chair bent over so his schoolgirl companion could stare and blow air into his anus while he pleasured himself.

One scene in particular showcased the bounteous harem course featuring one lone CFNM client who strokes and caresses himself while the entire body of the club watches in awe. Imagine the feeling of nearly a dozen pairs of Japanese schoolgirl eyes locked onto your throbbing manhood as it steadily and surely nears blissful extremis all in a school classroom operating as a very bizarre CFNM-themed cafe. Now that's Masturbation Support like no other.

Now, not all customers are innocents with just the urge for self-pleasure. The final scene presents us with a suave salaryman in a suit worth in upwards of $5,000 who is blessed with the luck of being paired with a new club member. "I'm new here and I still haven't really been explained what I'm supposed to do...," she says with a flush of embarrassment clouding her foundation-fortified pale cheeks. Fortunately, this salaryman uses his well-honed acumen to 'teach' her the ways of being an upstanding team member of the Masturbation Support Cafe complete with proper touching techniques using both hands and mouth. He even reciprocates when he takes the liberty to inspect her micro-panties displaying a very full Japanese bush followed by some lip-locking mutual masturbation.

Dotted through the Masturbation Support Cafe are a gamut of unique above-angle shots showcasing the entire demesne of this quirky sexual schoolgirl club. It's definitely not designed for privacy as desks are positioned back-to-back with a thin curtain separating each row. Customers can see each other both during and after the acts hence the additional offerings of enhanced privacy as shown in the CFNM group-themed schoolgirl harem course.

The Masturbation Support Cafe is an interesting take on the after-school activities of Japanese schoolgirls who chose not to partake in standard clubs but also avoid being stigmatized for going home right away--the infamous 'Go-home' club or 'Kitakubu'. Here, they can express their sexual appetite in the safety of the classroom while getting paid handsomely for their time by a revolving door of hardon-sporting Johns. This is definitely a title not to miss and the English subtitles flesh out the conversations for non-native Japanese speakers who are intrigued by what actually goes on in this preternatural erotic Japanese schoolgirl 'cafe'.

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