Mitsu Satou Cosplay Course

Japanese Cosplay Sex Vacation For and By Otakus


Mitsu Satou Cosplay Course
with English Subtitles


Cosplay is a genre that sometimes appears in Japanese AV titles, but admittedly is something we've been lax--OK, we've never really shown at ZENRA.  This changes now with our alliance with TOSHIAKI, a small and independent production company run by otaku that makes titles for otaku.

A major gripe from AV fans who also love anime and cosplay is that many titles may successfully emulate the look of a certain series or game, but they lack the soul.  In other words, it feels very by-the-books since most production staff just wanted to get the title under wraps and move on to the next project.  TOSHIAKI, whose titles are all directed by ZeNrA, a director who has appeared on our site (and us sharing the same name with him is a total coincidence!) in the Perverting the Paranormal series.  He even had a small roll in a special title featuring ANRI HOSHIZAKI.

For TOSHIAKI, he acts as a one-man otaku army simultaneously wielding a fancy DSLR and a new-release HD camcorder.  One of the on-screen captions in today's updates from only a few minutes in noted this so we felt it was best to let our readers know as well.

The star of this update is MITSU SATOU, a former (yes, she retired in October of 2015) Japanese AV star who has the absolute perfect cosplay face; her cheeks are wide and rosy and she even has the tiny button nose down solid.  What's more, she ain't a faker.  Her appearance in COSPLAY COURSE was more than just to collect a paycheck, but to participate in a hobby she truly enjoys.

In COSPLAY COURSE, MITSU SATOU spent a good deal of the production in an increasingly revealing take on the Giraffe from Monster Hunters and holy cow does she look good!  Admittedly, the staff at ZENRA are not major anime and game fans, but after looking up pictures of the figurine that went on sale shortly before this production was filmed in January 2015, we can easily and soundly say that MITSU SATOU does the Giraffe better than the source material.

Although there were a few scenes that featured cosplay in the revealing Giraffe uniform outdoors on a very brisk winter day, the bulk of this production was shot in a love hotel some distance away from Akihabara.  Nevertheless, we see ZeNrA and MITSU SATOU spend some time in Tokyo's electronic paradise to hunt down appropriate sex toys for later.

This title was edited in a pretty novel way which goes against all rules of linearity you commonly see in Japanese AV and honestly, we're not sure if this was for the best.  Non-linear movies such as Pulp Fiction may be classics, but fans of AV may prefer not to think TOO much and it was a bit jarring at times to see MITSU SATOU talking about masturbating with a sex toy before we were presented with the actual scene later on.  This occurred multiple times in the production and we're sure it was intentional and not a case of sloppy editing.  Thus, we have to salute the director for trying something different, but it's probably safe to say even otaku AV fans prefer going from A to B to C.

Mild annoyances about scene order aside, our first taste of MITSU SATOU herself was without complaint (alright, she mumbled a bit in the interviews, but nobody's perfect!).  She had to have signed a pact with the devil to achieve such a cute and innocent face paired with a slim yet undeniably feminine body.  Oh yea, she's also PAIPAN (totally shaved)!  Even though this is a Full HD release, we could not make out any stubble.  Either she had laser hair removal or perhaps never had hair there to begin with...?

Even though this was essentially a one-man show with ZeNrA seemingly handling all production duties, he had some aces up his sleeve.  If you didn't notice already, the blowjob scene was shot in a groundbreaking way where he remained as still as a specter while dual bottomless-bare-butt-in-the-air MITSU SATOU's pleasured him:  one by dutifully licking his nipples and the other by making oral love to his erection and balls.  This split-screen technique returns in another TOSHIAKI release starring AMI KASAI which we will be showing later this year.  That release takes the otaku element and combines it with 'sexual non-sexual' play in a way only a true devout follower of the Church of Akihabara can conjure.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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