Ami Kasai Cosplay Course

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Ami Kasai Cosplay Course
with English Subtitles


We try to keep track of the Japanese AV industry as a whole, but the shortcoming to this is focusing too much on macro elements while skipping out on the individual players.  For example, we're still baffled how we've never even heard of AMI KASAI, the well-endowed star of today's update, AMI KASAI COSPLAY COURSE, until about a year ago.  For someone who has been dabbling in the industry for some years now, this is rather strange, but we're glad we know about her now!

First, there's the chest.  Of course it's one of her major charm points as Japanese women with figures like this aren't as common as you'd imagine.  Then there's the face--specifically THAT eternal pout.  Even though at the time of filming AMI was 27 or 28, there's something about her face that makes her look so much younger.  Perhaps it's the gentle shape of her jaw that we find so endearing, but she's one of the few actresses who can maintain such innocence with that partially-open mouth.

AMI KASAI is also something of an otaku.  She doesn't hide the fact that she loves anime and cosplay even more.  She loves watching it, dressing up as her favorite characters, and doing both at the numerous shows and festivals for like-minded people.  She's starred in a few AV titles that feature cosplay themes and we're proud to present one of the better ones made by the anime-centric minds at TOSHIAKI.

It's Japanese AV by and for otaku and it's done in beautiful HD!

This was a pretty neat title that takes place entirely in a love hotel.  It's probably the same one used for SATOU MITSU's TOSHIAKI release.  It even features ZeNrA both directing and acting.  Make note that his name and ours are coincidence only.  We assure you he's a free agent.

AMI KASAI COSPLAY COURSE definitely can be categorized as a unique otaku fantasy.  It's all about various types of sexual roleplay mainly with AMI taking the lead.  The lighting and her choice of attire is spot-on.  We know that just like many other AV stars of the modern era she has done some uncensored work, but the lighting in those titles looks so 'off'.  Titles like COSPLAY COURSE with natural lighting make her look so amazingly better and this includes the many close-up shots.

Two particular highlights of this release are the fantasy threesome scene featuring two AMI's going to town with their tongues on ZeNrA's erection and nipples.  This was something we saw earlier in SATOU MITSU's title and it's nice to see again.  We haven't seen this split-screen technique used in other AV's which is kind of a shame.  Granted, it requires some planning beforehand to pull off and all participants can't move around too much.  The end result is one of those visual moments that make for preternaturally enhanced pleasure.

The other highlight from COSPLAY COURSE is the final scene.  However, we do apologize about not subtitling it.  Given its nature, spending a huge amount of time translating the dialog would lead to little payoff.  In fact, it may have distracted from what was actually going on:  AMI KASAI was shown over a span of about 50 minutes putting together a plastic figurine.  We're not sure what anime it came from as it was blurred out.  What we really loved about this scene was how it again served as an otaku fantasy.

As AMI in her cosplay state of undress put all her mental effort into putting the pieces together, ZeNrA appeared as a non-entity and began groping her all over.  Stripping soon began and while providing a blowjob, AMI KASAI continued to focus on putting the figure together.  Even during the sex portions, she kept her attention glued to the task at hand.  This was one of those really fascinating scenes we don't see too often that play on the 'mixing real life in sex in a non-sexual way' vibe and we hope to see more of them!

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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