Unraveled Taboo Case File Uncensored

Another Nefarious Japanese Domestic Happening with Subtitles

Unraveled Taboo Case File Uncensored
with English Subtitles


Story pieces are not that common in Japanese AV.  OK, some years back you would see studios take more risks with productions that focused at least somewhat on the reasons rather than straight-forward sex.  We still see some companies thinking out of the box with our frequent maniac releases and we also are well aware that fans of ZENRA want to see more 'realistic' portrayals of nefarious sexual occurrences.

Today's release, UNRAVELED TABOO CASE FILE attempts to fill this gap and works to some extent.  In another example of anything but natural Japanese domestic life, we encounter an older Japanese woman most likely woefully unfulfilled in all ways erotic by a workaholic husband who takes out her sexual frustration on a much younger charge.  Confusion quickly segues to lust and a ho-hum depiction of older Japanese passion melding with more sprightly desire comes into focus.

Fortunately, there's more to this production than a Japanese milf coupling with someone half her age.  There's Peeping Toms (or Janes) and their discoveries of debauchery serve to continue the light story draping over this prurient Japanese affair.

Admittedly, it's somewhat difficult to call UNRAVELED TABOO CASE FILE a fantastic production.  It's rather average compared to its twin released last year.  The comedy of that title is sadly nowhere to be found this time around.  A husband who screams and shouts and stutters and hunts for medicine when in a bind is replaced with a more stereotypical older Japanese salaryman.  Stuttering is replaced by nearly nonstop moaning during times most inappropriate.  He also comes off as quite perverted without much good nature in tow.

The older woman this time around (played by Hiromi Majima whom you probably haven't heard of) does a decent job.  She's actually very attractive and can definitely turn heads in the final scene before she makes a profane discovery leading her to drop her groceries and suffer an out of left field case of amnesia.

Being an 'at-home' production, we also see the Peeping Jane mentioned previously (played by Emi Ogawa whom some of you may actually know) spread and exposed without a shred of mosaic as UNRAVELED runs its course.  By the end it does kind of...well...unravel, but before that, there are some good visuals though the third scene was rather trying to watch as it features the aforementioned perverted husband going to town on Hiromi Majima.  Older women Japanese AV titles are great though it's always nice to see opposites in age mix.  If the wife is old, then let her do the dirty with someone younger than her and not the other way around.

Thankfully this title was released uncensored.  The story can come and go like the career of what's-his-name, but the views are fortunately not obstructed by mosaic.  This title may not be the shining light of sinister domestic occurrences and it may lack the humor of previous iterations, but it's not horrible.  However, if you're drastically short on hard drive space, you may want to...

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