A Case of the Diabolical Uncensored

An anything but normal Japanese domestic happening with subtitles

A Case of the Diabolical
with English Subtitles

In virtually every 'developed' country, there existed a time when the bulk of the population (outside of the few and spoiled noble classes) worked the fields. That was their lives and it can certainly be said that humans being a product of earth lived in some level of harmony back before the urban sprawl of cities took form. Plowshares eventually were swapped with briefcases and scythes with overpriced fountain pens that smear worse than bargain-basement pencils for the few and proud southpaws out there. With modernization, mental illness--the so called, modern dysfunctions of life--became more and more numerous and occasionally life at home deteriorates.

Be it Japan or anywhere else, you can find examples of prim and proper households mixed in with situations that are less than glamorous. Sometimes the husbands work too much and simply are never home. You can't be an upstanding paterfamilias if your life revolves around a shoddy desk amid ringing phones and binders of notes from meetings long past their expiration. The ultimate in dysfunction--at least from the Japanese perspective--can be summed up in one of the most skin-tingly bizarre films of the last decade called 'Visitor Q' directed by Takashi Miike. Takashi Miike, known for years as a Japanese director with an eye for the heterodox and also known for almost never taking a break (seriously, view his Wikipedia entry and take note at the amount of films he directs EACH YEAR) transmogrified the dysfunctional Japanese home unit into something truly strange yet frighteningly real.

Today's production seems to borrow from the idea of what could go wrong at home, though it unfortunately lacks the creative genius that Takashi Miike brings. A Case of the Diabolical focuses on a group of four Japanese individuals: a seamy salaryman-type figure with a hyper-paced Osaka accent, his presumed wife with traditional short permed hair that all women her age--the burgeoning 'arafo'--or around forties--have, a younger male named Satoru, and a very cute schoolgirl character.

The story itself is not very fleshed out, but we can tell from the get-go that the salaryman is plagued by a case of the lewd reality skeevies where furious sex and only furious sex is on his mind. Outside of two scenes of carnal passion, we see him having a heated argument with Satoru complete with absurdly fake uppercuts. Their argument is about something indecent Satoru accidentally bore witness which sets up the nocturnal naughtiness of the final scene that fans of older Japanese woman coupling with younger men will surely enjoy.

In between, we see said salaryman-with-a-vengance engage in indecent romance with his schoolgirl partner who demurely spreads her legs and allows him to inspect her damp pubic area. Foreplay with fingers and tongues from both parties continues the scene and mosaic is nowhere to be found. Yes, although this certainly is not the best production in recent years, it does come uncensored so for those looking to view the most intimate details of quite attractive Japanese women both schoolgirl young and milf 'mature' (quoted not to cause offense!), grab a chair and relax.

The sexual encounters--especially the ones that make the bulk of the latter two-thirds of the production are quite intense. Age certainly is only a number when the paterfamilias' female counterpart caterwauls with the best of them through an encyclopedia of basic sexual positions. It's a great performance from someone who truly seems to love the act of stark naked erotic coupling. Although the plot is admittedly weak and not as fleshed out as it could be, scenes like this do make up for it.

A Case of the Diabolical may or may not be truly worthy of its name. There's certainly an element of the sadistic with the salaryman husband being the chief instigator of bedtime activities, but that's more of a general staple of Japanese sex. From the snippet of life shown in this production, it's certain that this is anything but a proper home unit due to dialog (subtitled in English) that enfolds as the movie runs its marginally devious course.


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