Noa Eikawa - My Schoolgirl Friend From Ages Past

Love Confessionals in the Classroom


Noa Eikawa - My Schoolgirl Friend From Ages Past
with English Subtitles


Will NOA EIKAWA ever achieve A-rank JAV star status?  While I really, really like her (and I'll get to that shortly), I fear not.  She's got a lot of gumption and ample amounts of spunk as well, but sadly in an industry where looks remain paramount, it's an extremely tall order for an actress who's relatively flat on both ends and is most known for youth and girl-next-door mien to truly rise to the very top.

You could make the case for AI UEHARA whom also may never have been the most beautiful girl in the industry during her day (at least during her early years!), but rose quickly and fiercely, but she also possessed a truly monumental body pale in the best of ways and with killer curves illegal in 26 prefectures.  NOA's going to be one of those JAV stars that will attract a strong fan base as there indeed are many who yearn for realism in their titles, but probably will not achieve exclusive contract-level renown as some of her peers.

Still, her innocence and accessibility make her such an ideal actress for a VR title like today's:  MY SCHOOLGIRL FRIEND FROM AGES PAST.  I sure hope be it WAAP or other studios, NOA as a schoolgirl is cast and cast again.  At only 20 years of age (or so she claims), she's still an ideal actress to masterfully play the innocent schoolgirl and today's update is a home-run for fans of 'first confessions' along with sex in school.  Sadly, while it's done in a classroom, it's an empty one and one that those with sharp eyes can tell right away has been used quite often in previous WAAP releases (due to owning their own studio building).

Sex in a classroom is something that takes some acceptance on the user's side to believe.  I'm sure something like this has happened in real life, but this is JAV, where fantasies mix with realities for something truly unique.  Could it happen to you?  Could you be the target of a schoolgirl confessional that's consummated then and there in a classroom?  Doubtful, but one can wish...


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