Yura Kokona - The Schoolgirl Who Cannot Get Enough of You

She Cannot Get Enough of You!


Yura Kokona - The Schoolgirl Who Cannot Get Enough of You
with English Subtitles


When a JAV actress makes her debut nowadays, you expect her to follow through with a strong online presence.  Maybe way, way, back in the past, you really only had agency websites and for the really big names, personal sites, but now it's almost a given that the very least your average full-time Japanese AV star would maintain a Twitter account and/or a blog.  Sadly, YURA KOKONA has neither.  This is in spite of already appearing in many dozens and dozens of titles in almost under a year (she's a *very* fresh face!) so perhaps she doesn't yet have the time?

Who knows.

What I do know at least is she *nails* the mischievous Japanese schoolgirl role.  You can confirm this on your own by having a look at today's VR update by WAAP, THE SCHOOLGIRL WHO CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF YOU.  It pretty follows ARISU MIZUSHIMA's outing to a T so again our minor grumble with VR content still stands:  it's all rather basic (update:  this will change later this year!)

Granted, you can't yet do that much with a fixed camera and an actor that starts talking may destroy some of that well-needed immersion that virtual reality is all about.  So yes, these types of POV 'teasing' titles seem to be what WAAP is mainly creating at the moment.  Peeking ahead at newer releases (which we will be showing in production order!) sees them expanding out of their 'safe zones' via titles with harder themes so we'll get there eventually!

YURA KOKONA definitely has what it takes to became a well known upper rank actress.  She's naturally attractive and I believe as she ages, she'll maintain--if not enhance--her beauty.  Who knows--she could be the next YUU KAWAKAMI in a decade's time.  Until then, this "19 year-old" (going by her bio...) JAV star is just getting started and it's nice to see her tippy-toeing into a title using brand spanking new technology!

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