Arisu Mizushima - Nipple Teasing to the Point of Embarrassment

Nipple Teasing Plus a Lot More!


Arisu Mizushima - Nipple Teasing to the Point of Embarrassment
with English Subtitles


We don't know that much about ARISU MIZUSHIMA and we'd be liars if we could said we could get a good reading from her solely via a VR release.  Granted, today's update, NIPPLE TEASING TO THE POINT OF EMBARRASSMENT runs a bit longer than average for a virtual reality title, it's still not enough to really figure out the nuts and bolts of a Japanese AV star's psyche.

What I can figure out rather easily is ARISU MIZUSHIMA, a JAV star of several years and several names, is a teasing slash playful type.  She nails the 'cute schoolgirl in charge of naughty activities' trope that many attempt, but only few succeed in pulling off with a modicum of realism.  I feel she handled her role well and even though this was shorter than a non-VR release, it serves as a nice introduction to this adventurous actress whom I really do want to show more of at ZENRA.

DREAM TICKET is now consistently pushing out VR titles.  It's almost to the point now where I bet they pretty much film them at the same time as they do other 'regular' movies starring the same actress.  It may involve perhaps an hour of total prep and filming time, but it makes for a very nice bonus for fans of this nascent technology and Japanese AV stars masquerading as schoolgirls.

NIPPLE TEASING is not solely about THAT part of the anatomy.  I do agree that both WAAP and DREAM TICKET (both are distributed by the same parent company and often share the same directors and sets) seem to have more releases than you'd expect with a focus on male nipple play, but thankfully titles do not just stop with teasing that part of the body.  It's always done as a precursor to harder play and this is where ARISU does not disappoint.

She may have a thing for teasing your nipples, but slowly but surely, she moves south and continues with her hands and mouth around you know what leading to a predictable, but welcome liquid explosion in the hallway.  There's always a risk another student or teacher could find out (well, not really for obvious reasons), but ARISU and her boyfriend--meaning you--don't seem to care too much about that.

As this is a totally immersive VR release, you'd best use optimal gear and be sure to lock those doors!  Probably the biggest drawback to this type of technology is also its greatest plus:  immersion to the point of embarrassment!

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