Nakadashi Into Married Kei Iwasaki

Curvy Japanese Wife Dabbles in AV


Nakadashi Into Married Kei Iwasaki
with English Subtitles

The usual gist with being an 'unfaithful wife' is that you:

1.  Have practically zero experience appearing in AV titles
2.  Are doing AV secretly

KEI IWASAKI is a candidate for #2, but being her sixth (or so) release, she's pushing the 'unfaithful wife' monicker.  But you know what?  We're not going to fault her.  Why?  Because she is married, her husband is totally in the dark about her AV career which really isn't much given today's update is her sixth and potentially final title.  We also can't get over what a dynamite body this 'araso' (around-thirty) Japanese woman has.

KEI IWASAKI is pale just how we like it, has breasts that may not be gargantuan, but are a healthy size with more than enough real estate to grope, and she's actually got a butt that's decidedly plump.  We love it!  We love her and are sad that she opted to for such a brief career.

For fans of previous unfaithful wives releases that GUTS, the format of NAKADASHI INTO MARRIED KEI IWASAKI does not contain much surprises aside from the nakadashi (ejaculating inside without pulling out) aspect of course.  Given her admitting the real reason for retiring is to start a family with her husband, the parting gift from the actor/director was both poignant and panic-inducing.

Interestingly, we don't find out too much about KEI.  In fact the snippets about her husband are more fleshed out than she is and considering the fact the first half of this release had a ton of dialog, her ability to push the conversation off her is very commendable.

NAKADASHI INTO takes a lot of risks AV production companies of today are unable to try such as totally naked masturbation in a moving car.  This may be an older release from over a decade ago, but KEI IWASAKI in her birthday suit was captured fantastically.  We're very jealous of the director for getting the awesome chance to become intimate with her on multiple occasions.

This is a shorter than normal release consisting of three scenes.  The final one incorporated bondage elements featuring toys we saw KEI and the director buying at a Don Quixote during their initial meeting.  Admittedly the lighting for this scene was a bit on the dark side, but seeing KEI wearing nothing but full-body pantyhose with holes exposed and ready was very erection-inducing.  The previous scene though consisting of their arrival at the hotel and some very passionate nakadashi coitus is where our infatuation became a (temporary) obsession.

We hope KEI IWASAKI is happy with her post-AV life.  Perhaps she as rekindled with her always-on-business-trips-husband.  Perhaps by now they do have a great family.  Maybe she's working part-time at a local supermarket while he takes home the lion's share via his senior position at a trading company.  There's many maybe's and we hope her happiness is one of them.

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