Facesitting Female Masturbation

Dominant Japanese Women Rest Their Butts on Masochistic Men

Facesitting Female Masturbation
with English Subtitles


Not every gentleman out there simply wants to have straight-forward sex with a beautiful woman--or women for the really ambitious ones!  Some of us are not so aggressive with our passions; rather, we'd more prefer simply resting supine while that beautiful woman does whatever *she* wants to us even if insertion is not on the menu.

Sometimes play can still lead to sex, but even if it doesn't, the adventures a masochistic man experiences when paired with a nefarious sadistic woman can be quite intense.  Even the most outwardly docile Japanese woman--an office lady working for a Showa-era (1980's) corporation in a strictly pink collar role can be a demon in bed.  She may adhere to societal pressures and keep her head down while the 'men discuss business'.  She may timidly knock on the door to the meeting room with a tray of tea and sweetmeats for the old guard.  She may do that and more...perhaps even spread her legs to push herself up the corporate ladder if the timing is right.

At the end of the day, looks can be deceiving and that demure Japanese woman with plans of extreme success can also be totally on the offensive when it comes to bedroom play.  And THIS, not the demure routine most commonly shown in adult video is what GUTS has focused on in today's release at ZENRA, FACESITTING FEMALE MASTURBATION.

Yes, with a title like that, this title may never see the light of day if it was produced in the modern day UK, but Japan with its relatively loose view of what can go in an adult release does not mind a little bit of voluntary smothering.

FACESITTING FEMALE MASTURBATION somewhat skirts the realm of both CFNM and femdom, but with an equal focus on the sexual release of the woman in charge and also of her naked male 'table'.  Some scenes in this update feature women stripping bottomless, but overall, it's safe to say that this is a title CFNM fans should enjoy very much.  After all, the embarrassment of being a naked and horny man is one of the main themes of this release.

Frequent viewers of GUTS titles may already be familiar with both the female and male cast of this release.  There isn't much in terms of new faces.  Pretty much all of the actresses appearing (who only are credited by first names unfortunately) are already retired, but at least two of the actors can still be scene in here and there in Japan's ever-expanding adult video industry.  We know not everyone cares about the actors, but just realize that many have been in the industry for well over a decade and are treasure troves of insane stories from the set.  Find them and befriend them and you'll never be short on entertainment!

What makes FACESITTING FEMALE MASTURBATION (and its sequel we'll feature some time in the future!) unique from other recent CFNM releases at ZENRA is there's less focus on handjobs and more on men acting as simple objects made for facesitting.  They're free to pleasure themselves and some actresses give them handjobs, but all the male orgasm finales are done by their own hand.  Thus, in terms of femdom, a title such as this one which features woman totally in control is a good representative of the genre.

We know facesitting is a subject matter we only show from time to time at genre and we have a few titles in queue that plan to change that.  One by RASH is essentially two hours of a very thick and voluptuous Japanese woman going to down on a small yet eager man...and then of course there's our YAPOO's MARKET releases...

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