Arisa Azuma - Eccentricity Meets Swimsuit Lotion Play

Nakadashi Sex at a Swimsuit Photoshoot

Arisa Azuma - Eccentricity Meets Swimsuit Lotion Play
with English Subtitles


Well, somehow and for some reason, we decided to meet up again with loopy Arisa-chan.  She doesn’t really say no to anything, but she also doesn’t seem to be that outgoing.  All in all, she’s rather strange, but it’s what turns us on like nothing else so we roll with it!

We figured dressing her down to a revealing swimsuit and coating her all over with lotion might annoy her somewhat...but it doesn’t!  Telling her it’s for a model tryout seems to smooth out any potential issue (hint:  there were none!) and we make this wet’n’messy sexy lotion play a reality.

Lotion play continues and that bikini’s moved over some for some real naughty play that Arisa-chan is totally down for!  Fingers and tongues find her sensitive areas, but of course that isn’t enough for us.

We go all the way...and then some.

It was close to half a year since we last showed a title starring ARISA AZUMA and yes, before you ask, I'm pretty sure there won't be any more after today's adventure with her.  Like many JAV amateurs, she tiptoed in and got her feet wet before scurrying away back into the real world.  Personally, I found her to be rather cute though for fans of women taking the lead, both today's update and the one before it have her soundly in a traditional masochistic role.

ECCENTRICITY MEETS SWIMSUIT LOTION PLAY is one of those JAV releases whose title perfectly much sums up what happens.  This is another uncensored release filmed by DREAMROOM from their 10Musume amateur site.  It's a bit different from the norm as it eschews their tried-and-true nanpa pickup theme for something a bit more JAV'ish.

ARISA still plays a nearly mute woman incredibly naive about sex (but less so about life given her mildly impressive back tattoo collection), but this time instead of simply being picked up off the streets for sex with a creepy old man with a confused erection, she is an idol hopeful who agreed to take part in a swimsuit photoshoot.

The shoot itself doesn't make too much sense since it's done in some average apartment; there's no beach backdrop or anything resembling a tropical theme.  It's her changing into a swimsuit followed by the camera and a slightly talkative cameraman (mainly in a pleasant way) filming close ups of her pale and curvy body.

After she changes again into a very sheer and revealing one-piece, the real fun begins and the title slowly, but surely goes from 'sexy photoshoot' to 'uncensored hardcore JAV'.  I can be critical at times of uncensored releases, but ECCENTRICITY MEETS SWIMSUIT LOTION PLAY is an exception to the rule.  In spite of it being relatively low budget, I found both the theme and execution to be pretty solid.

This title brushes against a JAV theme I am hugely fond of:  'sexual non-sexual'.  Of course sex happens and it's hard and furious sans condom finishing with a real nakadashi, but the road to get there is less one of prurience and more of simply 'guiding' naive ARISA AZUMA through an unconventional swimsuit photoshoot.  All the obvious sexual buildups such as erogenous zone massaging, lotion play over her privates, and even blowjobs and sixtynine are just there to 'warm her up'.  It's not two guys taking advantage of a cute and innocent Japanese woman, but the regular happenings of your average penny-pinching swimsuit photography club.

Somehow it works!  I feel combined with ARISA's very cute looks, this is a pretty good title.  Even her tattoos--a rarity for JAV actresses--didn't get in the way.  Their balance over her swimsuit worked.  Perhaps that, her pale skin, her hairless slit, and the way the swimsuit was pulled to the side for insertion made a picture one could hardly look away from.  Who knows, but even if these types of uncensored titles are ones you normally avoid, this may be one you may wish to think twice about skipping.

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