Arisa Azuma Eccentric Senzuri Gone Wrong

There's a reason you don't see her shot from behind!

Arisa Azuma Eccentric Senzuri Gone Wrong
with English Subtitles


We've said it before and we won't beat around the bush:  we're pretty big fans of many of the titles we've released by GUTS over the years.  They're an old studio that no longer is active, but (most) of their work stands the test of time and is just as good as any major studios' output from the same era.  One of the themes they handled and handled well was that of Defiled Schoolgirls.  There, many of their releases like this lovely one featured older actors approaching naive schoolgirls and taking them home for extreme debauchery.

In ARISA AZUMA ECCENTRIC SENZURI GONE WRONG, this defilement theme is attempted, but the star, ARISA, doesn't play a schoolgirl per say.  Rather, she's just a naive woman who happens to enjoy playgrounds.  That and the overall simplicity of the title made us feel it was better categorized as an Amateur Nanpa update rather than Defiled Schoolgirls.  We know the majority of those reading this probably do not care either way, but for the nitpickers out there who wondered why this title was classified as such, there's your answer.

ECCENTRIC SENZURI (with 'senzuri' being the Japanese word for the act of a (usually clothed) woman watching a man masturbate) is a short update that tries to cover many grounds, but trips on its own feet and succeeds only at the end.  This was a title originally released on DREAMROOM's amateur women site 10Musume.  There, essentially all updates are about real women rather than full-fledged JAV stars and most of those updates follow the tried-and-true '(optional nanpa->) outdoor interview -> hotel for fun times' format.

ECCENTRIC also is based off this deviant take on amateur JAV's 'golden ratio' of production, but included some bonus elements thrown in such as the aforementioned 'senzuri'.  Thus, the title did finish with predicable (but somewhat nice) sex with nakadashi, but the road to it was a bit out of the norm compared to other releases we've seen by them.

We're not entirely thrilled with how this update panned out.  It may be surprising to hear this, but we hate to give every single update at ZENRA high praise as even though we believe there are no terrible JAV movies, pretty much every single one has some shred of weakness and ECCENTRIC SENZURI has multiple cracks in its mosaic-free armor.

One of the reviews for this title at 10Musume described ARISA as acting too much like a maguro and unfortunately we agree.  Calling a woman a 'maguro' in Japanese implies she's like a dead slab of tuna in bed:  lifeless.  ARISA, sadly, lived up to this and the review although anonymous was warranted.  She also remained almost totally mute in the title's second half with the actor being in charge of most dialog delivery....which he did at a whisper giving us little choice but to crank up the volume to near unhealthy levels in order to provide English subtitles.

One thing ECCENTRIC SENZURI GONE WRONG got RIGHT was lighting.  Being an amateur release, lighting is something that's often very hit-or-miss and we're happy at least that natural lights won out making for a title that remained bright, but not in an artificial scorched earth way.  ARISA AZUMA, in spite of her maguro demeanor in bed, is very cute and we're happy to say we'll be seeing her at least once more in a title that has her acting a bit more normal.

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