Maki Kogure in Finally Clear Skies

You Won't Believe What Happens!


Maki Kogure in Finally Clear Skies
with English Subtitles

Generally when you categorize JAV stars, you're going to put them into either 'legendary' or 'in and out' status.  MAKI KOGURE, safe to say, falls into the latter.  Make good note now that simply being categorized as an 'in and out' JAV star is not necessarily an attack on one's career.  There have been a countless number of extremely beautiful and charismatic Japanese women who for some reason or another decided to make having sex on camera a short respite from reality rather than turning it into their vocation.

Our info on MAKI KOGURE is limited...*really* limited.  We know very little about her career as it indeed was brief.  She appeared in a small number of titles including a few uncensored (such as today's release) and then decided enough was enough and departed from the industry.

Today we've the opportunity to show her in a title whose Japanese name made reference to shiofuki (Japanese for a 'female squirting orgasm'), but since that type of act seemed to be absent (outside of some urination in the shower in the final scene), we opted to change the name.  FINALLY CLEAR SKIES makes reference to one of the view lines of dialog from MAKI in the first scene where she comments on the good weather before having her brains screwed out by JO OSHIMA.

If we had to rank JAV actors, JO would be near the top.  He's a good-looking guy, he knows how to have sex well on camera, and most importantly from a subtitling perspective, when he talks, he does so very clearly.  It's always a pleasure to work on a title JO OSHIMA has appeared in.

What we really like about MAKI KOGURE is her sharing the same surname as DEMON KOGURE and her ability to play both submissive and (slightly) dominant roles.  This update, split into three parts (with the last only running a few minutes) has her showing off both sides of the equation to some level of success.  The second scene shot in POV has MAKI taking the lead with some innocent fellatio while your parents are out.  It was nice.

Uncensored titles can sometimes be more miss than hit when it comes to production values, but things turned out pretty well for FINALLY CLEAR SKIES.  Sound in the first scene could have been better recorded, but both picture quality and lighting from beginning to end was picture-perfect.  Visually, this is a title that we find little to complain about.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 48
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