Airi Minami Sex on the Beach

This is the movie where Airi Minami has sex on the beach.


Airi Minami Sex on the Beach
with English Subtitles


Some people just want to watch the world burn and others would rather just watch pretty people have sex for the sake of having sex.  The former is something we (fortunately) cannot help you with (if you actually desire that), but the latter?  Today's update featuring the return of AIRI MINAMI should come in handy.

SEX ON THE BEACH is heartfelt love story about a trio of friends intermixing their fates with that of Mother Ocean in a title that begs the question:  what is love?

Of course the above isn't exactly what goes on in today's uncensored update.  Really, it's exactly as the name implies:  sex on the beach.

A gripe of ours about uncensored releases that has become a major focal point in our reviews of such movies is the lack of story in lieu of unabashed coitus.  However, at the end of the day ZENRA isn't a site to ignite OUR pleasure senses, but YOURS and since there are so many of YOU's out there, we do our best to shuffle around the types of titles we show in our now-standard three-a-week update schedule.

We try to balance them out.  A 'simple' title such as SEX ON THE BEACH was proceeded by a lesbian schoolgirl ghost epic and will be followed by something potentially even grander.  Each has their own merits and demerits and that's just one of the many things that make Japanese AV so great.  It also helps that we have relations with so many studios that we can keep up the variety not just in theme, but also production values AND types.

Sometimes beautifully-shot titles are called for, but once in awhile one's mood may be better suited for POV-focused gonzo flicks.  Perhaps a blast from the past also fits the bill.  That and more we cover.

AIRI MINAMI is more of a modern actress doing the naughty in an environment far from secretive.  We really do wonder where SEX ON THE BEACH was shot.  We also wonder when it was shot because beaches that picturesque are apt to have an ever-present people population during Japan's increasing-in-number warmer months.  

It's hard to comment anymore on this title given it's extra simple theme.  We'll leave this review early just by noting that if you prefer your women thick and pale and uh, noisy, then you cannot go wrong with AIRI MINAMI.  She also gives off a very pure 'girl next door gone bag' vibe so there's that as well.

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